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Working to video How to destroy the world. Rubbish (How to destroy the world. Rubbish)

In discussing the problem of protecting the environment, we will certainly touch on the types and sources of pollution (types and sources of environmental pollution). The most common source — household waste (domestic waste) or waste (rubbish). We tell what damage the landfill (landfill sites) may cause to the environment, that waste must be recycled (should be recycled), and so on. N. The theme is quite serious from the point of view of the problems discussed and lexical content. It would seem that there is no place for humor. However, the series of animated clips How to destroy the world show that still there! Speaking with humor about serious problems, they make us really think about. You can talk about for a long time that littering is bad, but better to see once is what it can lead.

Rubbish (Waste) — so the first part of a series of cartoons How to destroy the world. The video duration of 2 minutes can be used in the English class for warming up (warm-up) as well as viewing and discussion will take no more than 10 minutes. Before viewing is recommended to perform the job number 1 and 2.


  1. What synonyms to the word «garbage» do you know?
  2. Match the words and their definitions:
1 Nebula a A road vehicle for collecting domestic refuse
2 Eclipse b Saying goodbye to someone, to tell them to take care
3 Mind how you go c A group of stars that forms a particular pattern and has a name
4 To run for one’s life d A sudden inspiration or idea
5 Constellation e An occasion when the sun or the moon can not be seen, because the Earth is passing directly between the moon and the sun
6 Brainwave f To flee in order to avoid being killed
7 Dustcart g A galaxy (= mass stars) which appears as a bright cloud in the sky at night

  1. Put the statements in the correct order:

    How to destroy the world

    1. People fill up the sea.
    2. People put rubbish into bins.
    3. Humans decide to use space as perfect bin.
    4. A brief flirtation with recycling takes place.
    5. Dustcarts empty the bins into bigger and bigger bins.
    6. The planet is buried under rubbish.
    7. Rubbish bin is invented.
  2. Match A and B to make word-combinations, translate them into Russian:
    A B
    Rubbish (2)
    White goods
  3. Make up your own sentences with the following phrases. Try to make use of the words mentioned in № 2.
    • typical family
    • to be reused
    • to be recycled
    • to be repaired
    • to empty into smth
    • to make a wish
    • to have a brainwave

I think that this approach to the problem of garbage littering our planet will not leave anyone indifferent. If people continue to pollute the earth with the same enthusiasm as it does now, to see the tin-can nebula (a nebula of cans), white goods constellation (the constellation of large household appliances) instead of milky way (instead of the Milky Way) a garbage eclipse (eclipse garbage), a rubbish shower (rain garbage), a rubbish storm (garbage degrees) — it is a reality! Mind how you go! 🙂



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