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Words related to the structure of language

Everyone who teaches English, know the words, read and write — because they are written in each job. One of my students who want to learn and do not know anything, except the names of the animals, learn the words complete — fill in the gaps — on the same principle.

But how many can boast that they know the English names of the parts of speech and expression? But these parts of speech you operate every lesson! Their names are simply disrespectful not know! On the other hand, many of the British study textbooks, which have rear grammar reference for each unit. Grammatical material given there is clear and concise, but students rarely read it, because it is written in English. Knowing simple words relating to the structure of the language, you would greatly facilitate the task.

Thus, the names of the parts of speech:

  1. Noun — Noun
  2. Adjective — Adjective
  3. Numeral — Numeral
  4. Adverbs — Adverb
  5. Pronouns — Pronoun
  6. Verb — Verb
  7. Gerund — Gerund
  8. Communion — Participle
  9. Preposition — Preposition
  10. Union — Conjunction
  11. Interjection — Interjection

Words related to the structure of the offer:

  1. The subject — Subject
  2. The predicate — Predicate
  3. Supplement — Object (there is a direct direct, indirect — indirect, and prepositional — prepositional)
  4. Circumstance — Adverbial Modifier
  5. Determination — Attribute

Words related to the verb:

  1. Infinitive, the initial form of the verb — Infinitive
  2. Time — Tense
  3. Regular verbs — Regular Verb
  4. Irregular verbs — Irregular Verb

Words related to noun:

  1. Countable nouns — Countable
  2. Uncountable nouns — Uncountable
  3. The proper name — Proper name
  4. Common name — Common Name
  5. Gender — Gender
  6. Singular — Singular
  7. Plural — Plural
  8. Mortality — Case

And, perhaps, the last to date, names of parts of words:

  1. Root — Root
  2. Suffix — Suffix
  3. Prefix — Prefix
  4. The basis of the word — Stem
  5. End — Ending



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