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Wishes in English

When we want something to man, we are trying to convey to him our positive emotions and such a kind way to support it. In addition, suggestions are one of the variants of polite behavior and uttering them, you, though to a small degree, but found favor person to whom they are addressed. Wishes in English as well as Russian, subject to certain classification. It shows, in what situation and when to pronounce a particular wish. Moreover, requests in English can be grouped into the style of speech, to which they belong: in fact wishes to a friend (a family member) and unfamiliar person (colleague) will be completely different. What are the wishes of the options in the English language?

First of all, you must remember one of the key phrases spoken in this area, namely: I wish (you / you) …. In English it sounds like I wish you …. After this phrase, you can add any words you would like to tell the other party. For example:

I wish you success, happiness and all the best, good health, love, etc. — I wish you every success, happiness / joy, best of everything, good health, love, etc.

If you want to add to the common phrase I wish with all my heart, set in the beginning of the sentence with all my heart.

When someone is going to go anywhere, we tend to wish Godspeed (Have a good trip / journey!). This design offers suitable to the wishes of a happy pastime (Have a good time! Enjoy yourself!) And a good holiday (Have a good rest! Have wonderful holidays). If we are going to carry out any task (for example, to pass an exam or a project at work), or perhaps we are at risk, people close to us tell us following the wishes of the English language:

Good luck! — Good luck! The best of luck! Best of luck to you!

Break a leg! — Break a leg!

To win you! — I do hope you win! Good luck!

Almost always the wishes of the English language used after the greetings to any celebration or event in a person’s life. Everyone knows that Happy birthday — this birthday greeting in English. If you want to make a common phrase: birthday wish …., Use such expressions: For your birthday I wish you …! My birthday wish for you is …! I wish you on your birthday … !.

By the wishes of the English language more formal style can be attributed here these expressions:

Please accept our best (warm, cordial, warm, sincere) wishes! — Please, accept my best / warmest / most heartfelt / heartiest / sincerest wishes!

Allow (allowed) to wish you … — May I wish you (give you my wishes) …

In addition to the most common wishes of the English language can be attributed wishes of good health and good health. For example:

Get well soon!

Keep well!

Stay healthy!

God bless you!

Expression of wishes in English interlocutor in conversation implies his acceptance remark. Usually people are grateful for the dedicated they wish (Thank you. Thanks). If we want to express the hope on the implementation of a particular wishes, turn to the following expressions:

Hope so. I hope that will be so (come true). — I hope so. Let’s hope for the best. Let’s hope your wishes come true!

It would be … It would be nice … — It would be fine … Would not be a bad idea!

God grant! — Please God! So help me God!

And if you try, some suggestions in English, you can turn and toast. So you will always be able to maintain the required interview and show that you are a person who care about the people around him.



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