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Why take English as a second or foreign language

Many of us studying English, think about how to find a practical application of it. Someone thought warms the prestigious international corporations at home and abroad, some cherished dream of studying at an overseas university and who, if not going to emigrate to another country. English, or rather his knowledge — that is what unites us all. On the question — «Do you know English?» — We used to give very different answers. Something like: «I know how to read and write in that language,» «fluent in English,» «I read the original literature», etc. But hardly anyone of us is able to objectively assess their knowledge. And this is vital. That for this purpose and have been established English as a second or foreign language, which determine the level of English of those for whom it is not native.

All English as a second or foreign language (and other languages) are designed to assess your level of knowledge of the language. After passing each exam receive a certificate and information about the points that you have typed on a particular task. International exams in English a few. Most Popular developed two educational institutions: Examination Council (Educational Testing Service) at Princeton University and the University of Cambridge (Cambridge ESOL — English for Speakers of Other Language). The first organization «created» TOEFL, and the Cambridge University «spawned» YLE, KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, IELTS and others. More details about each of these exams can be found in the corresponding articles on our blog.

5 responses to the question «Why take English as a second or foreign language?»

If you ask the question, «Why take English as a second or foreign language?», Feel free to choose one of the following reasons.

  1. This prestigious. Agree, very pleased to reinforce their knowledge of the diploma is not any unknown English language courses, and a certificate of one of the international examinations. Indeed, in this case, no one can accuse you, because your level of the language was valued not just a group of independent persons and qualified teachers and experienced professors of prominent educational institutions of the world.
  2. Whatever your initial, so-called «Preliminary examination» language level will certainly be improved. After all, for the delivery of international examinations required training, which can take as a couple of months or a couple of years. For example, the hard work on their knowledge to help deliver the highest exams University of Cambridge CAE, CPE, get high scores on the TOEFL exam or exams on knowledge of business English. Conclusion: preparing to pass an international exam, you improve your English!
  3. If you no longer wish to live at home, and would like to immigrate to another country, the question of «Why take English as a second or foreign language?» In front of you is not worth at all. You have to take one of them, because without your certificate to another country will not be allowed. Going to the USA? — Prepare for the TOEFL. Like Canada, Australia, New Zealand? — Your exam IELTS.
  4. You childhood dream to get higher education abroad? You persistently taught the language until the end of school, trying to get closer to his dream? We assure you — this is not enough. In order to be eligible to study at colleges or universities in the United States, Canada, the UK and Europe, and so in general, you will need to take one of the international examinations and confirm your level of proficiency.
  5. Finally, adult life … Who does not dream of paying a prestigious position in good company? Who ever did not see himself as an employee of well-known international corporations, for example, in the US or the UK? Turn international exam corresponding level and go for it. Numerous research centers, government agencies, international organizations, banks in Europe and America recognize the certificates of international examinations.

We hope now the question «Why do I need to take English as a second or foreign language?» Does not cause you perplexity. Learn English and reinforce their knowledge of international certificates. Who knows, maybe with their help you implement your dream?



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