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What will tell synonyms in the English language?

Once a brother came up to me and asked to translate the word in the English language. I asked about the context in which he is going to use that word. This question threw him in bewilderment. He could not understand why I need this information, because you need only translate a word. However, not all so simple. After all, the English language — not Russian, and it has its own nuances and refinement.

The fact that the translation of text from an English or from English, must not only take into account the context of the subject, but to pay attention to the words surrounding each other. This is what affects the transfer. We have, in Russian, it is much easier if «forgive» the mistake and deception, impatience. And in the English language within the meaning of the words just will be used three different synonym excuse, forgive, pardon. The key word of this sentence is the word synonyms. It synonyms in the English language presents certain difficulties for students, but they are doing this peculiar and colorful language.

Synonyms in English: three goals of their study

The study of synonyms in the English language have to deal with throughout the period of study. Once you see a new word in the dictionary and look for a translation, you must pay attention not only to the first few words in the article transfer, but also to finish it. Typically, hereinafter indicated and synonyms of the word and the context of their use.

First, studying the synonyms in the English language, you enrich your speech and you can choose the right word for a particular topic, so, your speech will be played correctly. Consider the words of leave and quit. They both translate as leave, leave. However, the first verb implies a withdrawal without any reasons (She left the city several days ago), and the second is a synonym used only in the event that there are certain circumstances that compel a person to leave this place (Having heard his words, I grew scared and decided to quit the house).

Synonyms English language used in different roles and with different pretexts, so it should pay immediate attention. For example, verbs share and partake in the sense of «to share with anyone and your someone’s emotions, feelings, etc.» are used differently: the first controls the direct object (to share smb’s destiny), while the second controls the prepositional complement (to partake in smb’s grief) (differs from the prepositional direct complement, you can learn from an article in the English Supplement). Considering these points, you make your speech grammatically correct.

Finally, knowledge of synonyms in the English language will help you to become a man, a good command of a foreign language, as you will be able to use idiomatic expressions that make it a living, relevant and rich. The same applies to the compatibility of words in phrases and expressions. For example, an empty room will sound like empty flat, and the gaps (or empty spaces to be filled) — blank spaces, although the words empty and blank synonyms.

Try synonyms interested in the English language as much as possible, and this is a good habit in the future is not just to help you and help out in this situation!



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