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Answer the question that you never forget to do before you leave home? That’s right: to check what the weather today, as the choice of clothing, and even plans for the day may be enough just to depend on weather conditions. Someone to assess cold outside or hot, sunny, or the rain, just peeking out the window. And someone always check the weather forecast (on TV, on the Internet or listening to the radio). There are people who do not trust the meteorological services, and there are those who study the weather for the next few days, or even months. In any case, the weather forecast is an integral part of our lives. Therefore, all schools teachers required to devote a few hours studying the weather in English.

How to predict the weather in English?

Now, with the widespread use of the Internet, no one will be hard to find on the network weather forecast every country and every city in the English language. In this regard, a very interesting site the BBC and CNN. By the way, the weather forecast in English would sound like «weather forecast». But it would be useful to listen to the weather forecast in the mother tongue (or view it in print form), and try to imagine the same forecast in English.

What should be mentioned in the weather forecast in English?

First, of course, it should be noted whether the day is cloudy (cloudy, partly cloudy — cloudy) or sunny (sunny, mostly sunny), whether the sky is clear (clear) or is overcast (cloudy). Secondly, do not forget to specify whether the expected rainfall and, if so, what kind: rain (rain, light rain, few showers, thunderstorm — lightning), snow (snow), hail (hail). If you expect the fog (fog), be sure to say so. Even in the forecast weather to talk about the direction of the wind (wind), the degree of humidity in percent (humidity) and atmospheric pressure (pressure).

The data on air temperature, you can use the expression feels like, or high / low and the number of degrees. As you know, the people of the United States to measure the temperature using the Fahrenheit scale, residents of other countries use Celsius. If you study the weather forecast in English, you will see that it almost always contains a schedule of sunrise (sunrise) and dusk (sunset), and sometimes even the length of daylight. In the cities are on the coast of the seas and oceans, and do not forget to inform about the water temperature.

You can supplement the weather forecast in English information on the maximum high and low temperature, which was recorded in the country on this day or this time of year. The data you can find on the Internet or in reference books. After trying to make their own weather forecast in English translation, and you will remember the value of all the essential words and phrases. And, then, in the future you will be able to perceive the rumor weather forecasts in English on foreign channels, as well, to go abroad, always will be guided in the weather conditions of any country!



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