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We start to learn English from scratch

English — the language is not only the future but also the present. That should teach him, convince no one is necessary. And here is how to teach him? This question is asked by people who do not know the language, but ready to begin its study. Or maybe someone else doubts, Worth It? Believe me, it is worth. We all start to learn English from scratch, because it is not our mother tongue. Misconception that English should be taught only from a young age. Never too late to start studying the language. A term such as «unable to learn languages» does not exist. Teach English from scratch can be any person at any age. It employs a rule: «If you really want to …». The only difference is that some of the learning process is slower, and some faster. Therefore, do not invent a thousand reasons for not learning the language, and just take the first step.

English from scratch

First, please be patient. Learning any language is first to provoke aversion (due to a misunderstanding of something), then the desire to understand, the desire to know more and, finally, a sense of pride and importance in relation to his own person, when the language is still obeys you. But just need patience to endure all these phases and not go the distance.

Of course, it is very effective to learn English from scratch with a teacher. It can be employed in the courses in group or individual lessons in English via Skype. The main thing is to choose a really good as a person and a qualified teacher. As corny as it sounds, but to begin to study English from the ground up to be with the alphabet and reading rules. Note, we are not talking about this age group as «children» or «kids». Their English language training has its specific features (though to a certain age). Take an ordinary citizen, middle-aged (old age, teen, etc.) to teach English from scratch. Some may argue that the alphabet does not need. What you just watch foreign movies with subtitles, or listen to a foreign language, and English he had learned to «once or twice.» Nothing like this. Of course, the people will remember for a number of phrases and expressions of the language, but to use it they can not, either orally (pronunciation right is necessary to work out) or written (literally do not know to write, how? And read?) . This is where the assistance of an experienced teacher is required. It helps not only in learning the basics of the language, but also teach you the basics, so to speak, to prepare a «fertile ground» for your future self-improvement.

But if all the same teacher is not included in your plans, try to learn the alphabet, and eventually the whole vocabulary of the English language only materials in which pronunciation is fulfilled. And trust only proven programs, and Internet resources. Another option — to get acquainted with a native English speaker and work his speech on it. But there is a caveat: do it is only when you have learned at least the basics of grammar and renewed their vocabulary. And it can be done with the help of numerous textbooks containing both theory and grammar exercises. Here is another basic principle in the English language from scratch — as much as possible exercises executed by the new information. Saying «Repetition — the mother of learning» has not been canceled. Implementation of a sufficient number of grammar exercises will help you fix all the new rules and features of the language. By the way, it is better to register with his hand in the old-fashioned note-book, rather than inserting the right words and constructions in exercises with skipping. At first, it will not bring any good.

Finally, the perception of the English listening comprehension. For this purpose, suitable films, radio and television programs, audio books, audio courses, listening to that, you should try to understand what they say and, if possible, summarize the essence of what he heard. Still, listening thing though not entirely pleasant, but very useful. Of course, when we start to learn English from scratch, we do not proceed directly to the audition. But eventually, when the knowledge base is laid, you can safely use these learning tools. Do not be afraid of a little complicate their task. Listen to or watch something more than once, but several, and if there is a script to write, and take it. Listen and look at the text at the same time, then, when everything is more clear, listen to without it.

  • Start to learn English alone is very difficult, so we have prepared the article «Where to start to learn English on their own: The Complete Guide.» Here we share our best tips for beginners and intermediate to learn the language.

The main thing is learning English from scratch (and all other stages, too) — it is a great desire and hard work. Knowledge of the English language has never hurt, but you will have an advantage over those who do not know him!



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