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We speak about the stupidity of the English language

Even Einstein said: «There are two things are infinite — the universe and human stupidity. However, about the universe, I’m not sure. » As would be sad and pessimistic as it sounds, nonsense is always present in our lives in one form or another. We meet stupid people on their path of life, read books and articles absurd, faced with unreasonable behavior. And when we need to characterize any of the mentioned in the English language, in most cases, comes to mind is the word stupid. But this is not the only way to express their emotions ?! I suggest to get acquainted with other options.

About stupid word

Let’s look at part of the example sentences with the word stupid.

They did not give their opinion because they were afraid of looking stupid. — They did not express their views because they were afraid to look stupid.

It was so stupid of them not to participate in this contest. — It was so stupid of them did not participate in this competition.

You were stupid enough to believe in her sincerity. — You were stupid enough, believed in her sincerity.

How could they be so stupid? — How could they be so stupid?

Word stupid characterizes not only people, but also work, things, ideas — everything that you feel stupid, annoying and ridiculous.

Whose stupid idea was it to throw a party at his house? — Whose stupid idea was it to throw a party in his house?

I hate making this stupid mistake. — I hate to make this stupid mistake.

What a stupid dress! — What a stupid dress!

This may sound stupid, but just call him and apologize. — It may sound silly, but you just call him and apologize.

She kept learning this stupid verse by heart. — She continued to teach this stupid poem by heart.

She has a stupid expression on her face. — She’s a silly facial expression.

What can replace the word stupid

Words denoting stupid things and stupid people in the English very much. Some of them are very close in value, some are distinguished by certain characteristics or the subject (person phenomenon), which they describe. The most complete list of synonyms for download, we are at the end of the article.

Here are some common options for the replacement of the word stupid. Silly and foolish are more polite versions stupid. Silly is often translated as «foolish,» «stupid,» «frivolous,» «ridiculous,» and foolish — «reckless», «awkward», » silly «,» crap «, even in this sense use dumb« stupid ». Of course, all these words are translated as «stupid.»

Do you feel silly in these pajamas? — You feel ridiculous in this pajamas?

My girlfriend gets upset over silly things. — My girlfriend is upset over nothing.

The plot of this book seems a bit silly. — The plot of the book seems a bit silly.

That’s the dumbiest thing I’ve ever read. — This is the most stupid thing I have ever read.

He was afraid that he would look foolish if he accepted her invitation. — He was afraid that he would look foolish, accept her invitation.

I had been so foolish to think I could live with him all my life. — I was so stupid, thinking that would live with him forever.

Had not they been supportive of Steve when he made his foolish decision to drop out of college? — And do not they have supported Steve, when he took a stupid decision to quit college?

By the way, the idiom — a very popular alternative to the word stupid, when in difficult situations it is necessary to discuss the folly. Let me remind you briefly that idiom — a phrase that can not be changed, or changing their meaning. They have several portable, figurative meaning than, and are of particular interest to us. After all, such phrases are very colorfully illustrate the situation. And sometimes humor smooths criticisms! For example:

He’s very good-looking but has nothing between the ears. — It is attractive, but it is absolutely stupid. (nothing between the ears, that is, no brains)

She is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she is not dishonest. — It is foolish, but sincere. (not the sharpest knife in the drawer, under the «acute» refers to mind)

The following two phrases have slightly different versions: three bricks shy of a load, three bricks short of a chimney, a few bricks short of a load. We all have something in common — the lack of, shortage of a material where you need it. And the people say that they do not have enough «brain», «Smart».

After discussing this problem with him for half an hour, she decided he was definitely one sandwich short of a picnic. — Discussed the issue with him for half an hour, she decided that it definitely stupid.

Mike thinks he can build a car out of rubbish. — I guess Mike’s a few bricks short of a load. — Mike thinks he can make a car out of the trash. — I think Mike — crazy (fool).

Phrases for the story about the problems with understanding

If you want to say that a person has problems with understanding and learning, to use the word slow or dim. Often these words are used to a bit / rather:

His wife’s a bit dim. — His wife thinks bad.

My colleagues were rather slow. — My colleagues to think slowly.

Man with a vacuous expression on his face shows little intellect (stupid, meaningless expression), and the phrase inane remark implies absolutely stupid, senseless remark.

In spoken English, you can call the foolish man a bit thick and a bit dense. If you use nouns, we get the following:

  • A total airhead — idiot, dummy, idiot.
  • A jerk — jerk, idiot, a scoundrel.
  • A dunce — twit, loafer and bully.
  • A village idiot — village idiot.
  • A dipstick — wit, stupid, idiot, blockhead.

Now you can not only describe the stupidity of the English, but also to understand how to set up your man, if he suddenly dare you insult. I wish you less of such situations in life, and offers download our selection of words on the topic!

↓ Download the table «On the stupidity in the English language» (* .pdf, 208 KB)



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