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Ways to express my gratitude in English

Everyone knows that the British — polite people, they have a very good sense of humor and vulnerable nature. This description is quite stereotypical, but in this article I will try to convince you of the vastness of the English politeness and tell you about the intricacies of expressing gratitude to Great Britain. Unbelievable but quite often the case that it is a simple word «thank you» upotreblёnnym not in that situation, you can really hurt the Englishman. Therefore, we will talk about different situations and how to express gratitude to each of them.

Let’s start with gratitude in the most simple and ordinary situation: imagine that you have done a good deed, a good wish, suggested the right way, serve food, order in a restaurant or to make a gift. In such situations, it will be enough to answer the simple Thanks or Thank you. For example:

I wish you good luck! — Thank you.

Here is your soup, please. — Thanks.

Which would you rather have — tea or coffee? — Oh, it’s all quite the same to me, thanks.

In case if you think that a simple «thank you» is not enough and you want to express great gratitude («thank you»), there are several ways to express this feeling:

  • Thank you very much
  • Thanks a lot
  • Thank you ever so much
  • Many thanks

Russian equivalent of gratitude «is a cute (courtesy) with your hand» can be easily replaced English That’s nice of you. For example:

Can I help you to take off your cat from the tree? — Yes, that’s nice of you.

I’m your best friend, and all mine — is yours! — That’s nice of you!

There are also more formal form of gratitude that can easily be used when communicating with strangers or being in a formal setting where a simple thanks may seem in bad taste.

More official Forms of Thanks (Official expressions of gratitude)
I am very much obliged to you I am very grateful
I am very grateful to you I’m really grateful to you
I am deeply indebted to you I owe a great debt to you
How good of you
That’s awfully good of you
It’s very kind of you
That’s very kind of you
You are very obliging
You are very kind
You’ve done me a great favour You did me a big favor
I can never thank you enough I do not know how to thank you and
You are kindness itself You — kindness itself
Thank you for the pleasure Thank you for the pleasure

You need to know not only how and in what situations correctly and be polite to thank the person, but also how to respond to gratitude.

Possible replies (Answers)
Not at all!
That’s all right!
Do not mention it!
Please do not mention it!
It’s no trouble whatever! Please, I’m not hard!
That’s really nothing! This is nothing!
It was a real pleasure for me to do it! My pleasure!
The pleasure is entirely mine I should be thanking you

Replenished these phrases your active vocabulary, you will be able to thank her in the whole palette of shades and reach out to the heart of every Englishman.



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