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World innovation is not in place. So it turns out that with the development of the Internet we have received another life virtual. And she came to us like that every day we spend more time to communicate on the network. Is it good or not, we realize years later. But thanks to social networks (Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, My World, Facebook, and others.), Blogs, and live journals we stay abreast of all the events we need. Many are trying to place on their pages as much information about yourself: photos, videos, interesting stories or articles. And to look original, residents are trying to create a virtual community of distinctive avatar (his or someone else’s picture, drawing on the main page), and storage status.

Status in social networks styled any sentence that reflects your attitude or mood. And as the English language is one of the most common languages ​​in the world, respectively, status in English, too popular. With the status you can give your mood at some point of your life, express your attitude to an event or activity to demonstrate your excellent sense of humor or even tell the person about your feelings. I would say that a well-chosen status in English — is a kind of reflection of your «I».

As the status of the English language can serve your sentence, the words of the songs or movies in English aphorisms and quotations in English of famous people, someone’s apt expression, yes, in principle, anything, as long as you like. The only thing I do not understand, it’s status, composed mostly of swear words. Whatever you want to express this status, do not forget that in the virtual world we originally tried on the picture (and if it is not), according to. Therefore, it seems to me, do not initially position themselves around as a man, swearing left and right.

Where to get status in the English language?

If you want to host it on the status of the English language, you have to spend a bit of time to find him. A man currently just learn English and have a good knowledge of the language, in this regard will be easier to navigate. After all, in the course of the study we are faced with any phrases or expressions that we like, that we strive to remember. Of them can come good status in the English language.

By the way, it should be noted that the search for the status of the English language — that’s half the battle. The main thing is that you are always aware of what that status means. And if you can not understand its meaning after reading, do not be lazy to translate to know what it was about, and not to be trapped when you asked about the meaning of the words you specify.

As I mentioned, the status of the English language, as a rule, are very different quotations, aphorisms and sayings. And, therefore, they are found in the literature of the same name. Collection of such statements very much, we just need to look. If you are an ardent fan of the web, consult it. It is necessary to enter into a search engine (eg, Google) the phrase «status in the English language», your attention will be presented to a huge number of links to useful resources. For example, look at the status English online

The most popular humorous sayings, so a good option would be to add to the search engine the words «funny» or «cool» status in the English language. If you can not find something that you close, or no expression, as they say, you are not «hooked», change the parameters of the search, replacing the word «status» in the word «quotes» or «aphorisms.» Believe me, you have to spend enough time to choose the desired option, as «range» statements simply amazing. Look for words that show your attitude at the moment. Be unique, and it is appreciated!

You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you do not try.

(Beverly Sills)



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