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Typical summer activities: English summer

From year to year we are waiting for the summer look, it’s warm weather, the lack of caps and gloves, golden sand, gentle whisper of the waves and, of course, the sea! Boundless, is majestic and gentle! All. Resolved. We go with you to the sea. And what we need to do? Let’s understand, and make a list.

Firstly, we need a swimsuit (a swimming costume) or trunks (swimming trunks), without these (swimwear) we are unlikely to be allowed on the public beach.

We also need a towel (a towel), or else the reasons we lie when we come to the beach? You think that’s all? Not at all!

At the beach
1 Lifeguard Rescuer
2 Lifeguard stand Post rescuers
3 Life preserver (BrE — lifebelt), rubber ring Lifebuoy
4 Snack bar / refreshment stand Eatery
5 Vendor Hawker
6 Swimmer Swimmer
7 Wave Wave
8 Surfer Surfers
9 Kite Kite
10 Deckchair / beach chair Deckchair
11 Beach umbrella Beach umbrella
12 Sand castle Sand castle
13 Boogie board Boogie-board surfing
14 Sunbather Man sunbathing on the sun
15 Sunglasses Sunglasses
16 (Beach) towel Beach towel
17 Beach ball Ball
18 Surfboard Surfboards
19 Seashell / shell Shell
20 Rock Stone
21 Cooler (BrE — cool box) Refrigerator (portable)
22 Sun hat Headgear
23 Sun screen / sunblock / suntan lotion Sunscreen
24 (Beach) blanket Mat
25 Shovel Shoulder
26 Pail / Bucket Pail

Fuuuh. It turned rather big list. Of course, not all of the above will take with them, something will have to wait for us on the beach. By the way, what we are there zaymёmsya? Well, lie down for an hour or two in the sun (to lie in the sun), sunbathing (to sunbathe), and then what?

On the beach you can get a lot of pleasure and in the literal and figurative sense!

Activities at the beach
Activity Translation Picture
(To go snorkeling)
Swimming with flippers, mask and snorkel
Scuba diving
(To go scuba diving)
Scuba diving
(To go sailing)
(To go swimming)
Rowing Rowing
Kayaking Kayaking
(To go surfing)
(To go windsurfing)
(To go fishing)
Water skiing
(To go waterskiing)
Water Skiing
(To go parasailing)
Jet Ski
(To ride a jet ski)
Jet skiing
Banana Boat
(To ride a banana boat)
Horseback «banana»
Pedal Boat / pedalo
(To ride a pedal boat)
(To ride a towable)
Skating to «tablet»
Inflatable water slides
(To ride down a water slide)
Skiing on the water slides

From this amount of entertainment can be tiring. Yes, as paradoxical as it may sound, but often have a rest from the rest. What to do?

You can walk along the beach (to have a walk along the coast), go collect seashells (seashells). Still it is possible to jump from the pier (jump off the pier), of course, if it is allowed.
When you go in the water, be careful! The end of July and all of August — jellyfish season (jelly-fish), they can be very painful sting.

In the sea swims each as best he can. Those who are just learning to swim like a dog (do the doggy paddle), some prefer to swim breaststroke (do breaststroke) — is the most popular style of swimming among vacationers. Men often crawl (do the front crawl / forward crawl) or back (do backstroke), and the temptation may surprise butterfly (do the butterfly).

When you lie on the beach, be sure to wear the appropriate headgear (to put on the proper headgear), and that the risk of getting sun stroke (sunstroke), which is often accompanied by dizziness (to feel dizzy), and fever (a high temperature).

On the beach you can play cards (to play cards) or backgammon (to play backgammon). The main thing is to take them with you before you go to the sea. Wonderful still time of the year! How many can do while on vacation at sea!

  • Details about summer idioms read our article «Hottest Summer Idioms».

And now you can see how well you remember the vocabulary of this article.



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