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Types of syllables in English

Any person learning English, we know that there are 6 vowel letters of the alphabet created 20 vowels. How to figure out exactly how this or that letter read at some point in that speech? This will help us hyphenation rules and types of syllables in English.

How many types of syllables in English

Read vowel should be according to certain rules depending on the type of the stressed syllable. In order to properly divide the word into syllables and determine which group they belong to, you need to remember two rules of hyphenation (it is now a question of polysyllabic words with two or more vowels). Pay attention to the letter that follows the stressed vowel. If this consonant (but not r), give it to the next, unstressed syllable. For example: stu / d ent. If followed by two or more consonants (and even two consecutive rr), leave the first letter of the stressed syllable, and the second given by the following, unstressed. For example: im / pu / dent. But this point does not apply to Sonant. If one of the two consonant sonant (itself acts as a syllabic sound), the second consonant is also attracted to him. For example: ta / bl e.

Syllables of the English language are divided into four types. The first is an open syllable — a syllable that ends in a vowel. Vowels in this type of syllables in the English language should be read for a long time, that is the way it is represented in the alphabet of the English language. This type of syllables in the English language are the words with silent e on the end of a word. It is conditional indication that this word syllable open.

  • he
  • go
  • Steve
  • note

The second type of syllables in English is considered a closed syllable. It terminates at one or more consonants (except r). In this case, the vowel in the stressed syllable is read briefly.

  • bend
  • hen
  • on

The third type of syllables in English, decided to allocate a syllable in which the stressed vowel «pursues» the letter r. She did not read, but shows that the vowel is long.

  • thirst
  • pork
  • sort

Finally, the fourth type — a style that is similar to an open syllable with a silent e, only between it and the stressed vowel is not any consonant and the letter r.

  • dare
  • mere
  • cure
  • core

Each vowel in a different type of style in the English language has its own rules of reading. They need to be fully explored and, where possible, to remember. Thanks to these rules, you will be able to read any unfamiliar word to you, because you will be able to determine the type of syllable in English, and to compare it with you studied material. Believe me, over time, the practice reached the automatic reaction of your subconscious, and you often will not even think about why this or that word is read in this way. Just an inner voice tells you that so right!



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