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Getting to learn English on their own, you have to solve a lot of organizational issues, one of which is sure to touch a textbook on English language. With so many textbooks just need to make the right choice, because of how successful it will be depends in part on the success of the learning process.

How to choose a textbook in English

It is no secret that one of the main methods of learning foreign languages ​​in the former USSR was a classic technique, using a communicative aspect which was given very little attention. Accordingly, and tutorials in English designed with the requirements of grammar-translation method. As a result of its use students have difficulty overcoming the language barrier. Tipping the 90s was a milestone not only in the political sphere of the country, but also for education. In practice, it was used a lot of new approaches to the study of foreign languages ​​from classic to exotic. But, unfortunately, the native open spaces has not appeared textbooks that equally covers all four aspects of learning English.

Very popular not only among teachers but also among students have acquired textbooks British publishers. It’s not just textbooks in English, it’s educational systems. These include:

  1. Textbook. This colorful textbook on English language contains not only texts on modern and more common conversational topics, exercises practicing grammar skills, and creative assignments, exercises communicative orientation, audio tasks.
  2. Workbook. It helps to consolidate the material covered at the various exercises and texts and is designed for self-study.
  3. Book on grammar (not all courses). The purpose of this training manual — to fix grammatical skills of students.
  4. Book for teachers. Perfectly solve the problem of scheduling lessons, because it contains a step by step plan of each stage.
  5. CD-discs. Contain audio recording tutorial texts by native speakers, and more.

On the creation of these training facilities worked many professionals. The used techniques are constantly reviewed and updated. When choosing a training manual should be considered the age of the students. For example, English textbooks for children contain poems, songs and games, needed to keep the interest in the subject. Textbooks in English for teenagers affect their interest in this age theme. Also, do not forget to find out, for a number of hours of training designed textbook.

If, however, you find it difficult to make a choice, seek expert advice or find information about a particular tutorial in English on the relevant Internet resources.



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