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Top 3 most popular ads in the world! The most popular commercials in English

Advertising, in terms of learning the language — it is really very useful. Short stories (do not have time to tire, unlike the movie), memorable date vocabulary (marketers here have tried), and all this against the background is linguistic factors contributing acquainted with the culture and lifestyle. Especially because today we are going to look not just ads and commercials that many versions among the ten best in the history of marketing.

Real Beauty

Nowadays, many successful companies are trying to move away from the annoying video format in which the brand name is repeated 10 times in 30 seconds. Advertisers are trying to do something more, something that will appeal to our senses, our worldview. This way went international brand Dove, which manufactures products for body care. The company launched a project called Real Beauty Sketches. It’s kind of an experiment in which a trained artist paints women, seeing them: first the words themselves participating, then the words of random people who have seen the first member. Since only 4% of women consider themselves beautiful, the main message of for the rest of 96%: «You are more beautiful than you think».


Forensic artist Forensic artist
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation (Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI)
San Jose San Jose (city in California)
Police Department Police Department
A drafting board Drawing board
A forehead Forehead
A sketch Sketch, sketch
A cheekbone Cheekbone
A feature Trait
To impact Affect
To analyze Analyze
To fix Correct
To protrude Advocate, issued ahead
To treat Relate
To appreciate Appreciate
To light up (lit up) Light, revive (of the eyes)
To show up Here: come somewhere
Freckled Freckled, covered with freckles
Prominent Prominent, conspicuous, conspicuous
Cute Cute, beautiful
Grateful (for) Thankful for
Critical Very important
Closed off Closed (of the person)
It could not be more critical for smth It is very important for …; nothing can be more important

If you’re curious, you can see more than sketches, and learn the history of women in the company’s official website Dove.


Standing next thing that I would like to draw your attention to an advertisement Animation US catering Shiptotle Mexican Grill. It tells the story of a character from the Scarecrow (Scarecrow), who went to work in a large company. The company this looks like a conveyor belt of epic proportions. Keep an eye here for all crows, hence the name «Crow Foods Incorporated». Although one of the mottos of the corporation All Natural (all natural!), Its products, in general, far from it. But people do not think about it! The main thing is that the label was written something like 100% beef-ish (100% beef flavored). No one doubts that the «Crow Foods Incorporated» is feeding the world (feeding the world) as it read as billboards (billboards). But the Scarecrow decided to go against the conveyor in every sense, in the hope that it will be able to cultivate a better world (literally grow a better world). Especially for this animation Fiona Apple (Fiona Apple) performed a cover of Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.


Creation Creation
Paradise Paradise
Spin Swirl
To take a look Take a look at
To view Looks around to inspect
To defy Resist, ignore
To defy explanation Do not succumb to explain
There is nothing to it This is no big deal
There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination I do not know the kind of life that would compare with pure imagination

Epic Split

Extreme video that we see today, it blew up the Internet commercial lorries (trucks) Volvo with Jean-Claude Van Damme. The Muscels from Brussels («Muscles from Brussels» — the nickname of Van Damme) in the bizarre position stood between the two trucks. If you are wondering why he did it, here’s the answer: This test was set up to demonstrate the stability and precision of Volvo Dynamic Steering (put this experience to demonstrate the stability and precision of the dynamic steering system Volvo). Listening to philosophical reflection on the background, sometimes you wonder: it is about the car or the person?


Perfection Perfection
A split Twine; crack, split,
To craft To create, to do with the skill
To engineer Construct, design, construct
To set Configure, build
To master Cope, overcome, work
Bumpy Bumpy, jerky
Epic Shoulder
Fair Just, Honored
I’ve had my ups and downs I had my ups and downs
I’ve had my share of … I’ve had my share of …

I hope I was able to convince you that advertising can be not only tedious, but also entertaining, and most importantly — useful. All these phrases are easy to learn and to remember, and they are often used in everyday speech, because advertising is based on the living language. Also, attach a test to better remember useful phrases from the video. Enjoy!



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