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Top 10 most popular articles of 2014

Each new year we start with a reflection of the previous year and analyze what has been done, and still have something to work on. Over the past year, our blog 2014 to study the English language has changed somewhat. Specific changes were made under «Grammar». We pitched Article grammar into two categories: reference and lessons in English grammar. If you are comfortable watching and studying the topics of grammar, one by one, then you’ll love our guide. Also, now you can learn grammar according to your level of English — primary, secondary and higher. Topics grammar are arranged as they are usually given in the training materials. Learn the lessons and pass the test for better absorption of the material. Naturally, this will not end the work on the formation of classes. We plan to publish new themes and tests for the study to have always had the opportunity to improve their knowledge.

During 2014 we were able to publish as many as 83 articles. As before, the authors of our articles are our teachers — people who are directly connected with the English, have experience of working with students and understand how simple words to explain certain phenomena of the English language.

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All blog articles cause a certain response from our readers. Among the articles published in the 2014, I want to highlight 10 that were the most interesting and popular, according to our subscribers, of course.

10. At the gym. Useful Words for those who like to be in the form

Not surprisingly, the article about healthy lifestyles, notably in the sports hall, attracted the interest of readers. We published it in January last year — it’s time to burn the extra calories in the hall of the festive Olivier! Table with pictures and the most detailed list of words on the subject are waiting for you in this article. Add to your favorites and come back to the material, if you forget that the dumbbell — it dumbbells, a treadmill treadmill, a «pancake» — weight plate. And, of course, the list of 10 useful idioms of the sport you always come in handy, because all life — this competition.

9. The use of the verb to be: how, where and why

The cornerstone of the English language — the verb to be. You must know by heart the subject and not think about the use of the verb! It is with this article is to begin independent study of the English language. The article contains many rules and examples, as well as good volume test that will help train the use of the verb to be, if you do not have anyone to engage in oral. A must for all, so to speak!

8. Car’s Anatomy. Apparatus vehicle English

Article for motorists. Thanks to the many comments our readers we were able to significantly complement and develop become useful phrases about the device car. Thanks to all who are interested in developing and improving our materials. A significant advantage of the article — the presence of explanatory pictures, which will help deal with the device and the names of all the details, and even people far from the automotive theme.

7. Increase your vocabulary! Secrets of the vocabulary of the English language

To memorize a large number of new words and phrases you need to have a good memory, but rather to work on the development of memory. In this article you will find helpful tips from a native speaker Adam, who will share his observations of how and by what techniques to his students was easier to absorb the necessary material. In addition, the teacher tells Catherine about simple and effective method of enriching vocabulary.

Many foreign language learners do not like to learn words and phrases, thinking that they will remember and so effortlessly. Studying and learning new words — is not just a whim of the teacher. Progress is impossible without an effort. Simple cramming can be boring, but there are other methods that are sure to suit you. Think about what intellectual pursuits (reading, charades and crossword clue, learning a second and third foreign language) significantly reduce the risk of mental illness in old age. Another significant plus learning words and phrases.

6. Commonly mispronounced words — words that often mispronounce

Pronunciation — another stumbling block on the path to perfect English. While many master the rules of English words read during his school years, one way or another, faced with an unfamiliar word, you can not be 100% sure of the correctness of his pronunciation. Live themselves and do not even suspect that the word colonel (Colonel), pronounced / kɜːnəl /, and not / kɔːlɔnəl /. In this article you will find this and many other examples of English words that are read are not the way we used to. But the most interesting — not the strange words and the poem «The Chaos», which clearly shows the way the dual nature of English words. And our teachers are native speakers and Scott Dave sounded a poem to show the difference British and American pronunciation. Who turned out better? 🙂

5. The correct approach to irregular verbs in English

Oh, these irregular verbs! During the years of English develops the feeling that learn these three forms of the verb is simply impossible. But our teacher Irina tried to simplify this task to his students, writing funny rhyming poems with forms of irregular verbs. Try to study these words of our verses, perhaps this method — what you need.

4. Miscommunication abroad and I ate lunch soap

We can be subscribed to hundreds of Russian-speaking and English-language blogs, to use multiple applications to learn English, read the article and watch the video — and still nothing can replace personal experience of someone who has gone through all the steps to achieve the goal that we need to achieve. Only through a so-called first-hand experience (experience firsthand) can understand the difficulties faced by all. Understanding that not only you can sometimes get into the embarrassing situation in English, gives strength to move on, to know that all are fallible, even teachers! Well, if the flavor awkward situation a fair amount of humor, you get a great story, which will be pleased to talk to your friends in English-beginners!

3. All times English: easy to remember and use

A large part of the curriculum in English devoted to the study of British times. But no matter how much the school nor told about Present Perfect, Past Continuous, and so on. E., To grasp the meaning and essence of the time it is sometimes very difficult. And all because the time necessary to explain the language of logic, not terms. If you want to understand the structure of the timeline of the English language? Then you need to read this article.

PS I advise to pay attention to the article to all fans of the television series «The Big Bang Theory» («The Big Bang Theory»). You will appreciate the example used to illustrate the British time!

2. Paradoxes of English. Do you think English is easy?

The honorable second place is occupied by an article with the ambiguous response from our readers. No joke, just a few days left indifferent readers of more than 30 comments! Yes, no! For details, detailed, thoughtful and just wonderful! The most important thing in this debate is born a grain of truth. Read the article, form an opinion, do not hesitate to express their point of view — so we can come to a common denominator.

1. Top 40 most common mistakes. Hit parade of errors in English

The undisputed leader of the year 2014 — an article about the common mistakes in English. Why is it so popular? It’s simple. To write this article, we interviewed the staff of our teachers. They shared their observations in working with their students: What are the mistakes most difficult fight as easy to remember rules and get rid of bugs — all these moments, presented in a humorous vein, do become irreplaceable in the study of English. Just remember everything and forever will be difficult to learn, so I advise to add an article to your bookmarks and come back to it as needed.

Yes, 2014 was an interesting, eventful and memorable. In the new 2015 pledge to continue to please you with interesting articles and many other «buns.» And how do you remember the year gone?



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