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To eat or not to eat …

Many people say that Americans are obsessed with healthy food, but it is possible to argue. Only in the United States, I saw endless queues of cars at the walls of McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. I do not know of any American who refused to hamburger. Sure, many watching their diet and read the labels on the products in stores, but still give yourself a favor. Everyone is familiar with the fact that Americans do not cook at home. The maximum that they do — heat the finished pizza in the microwave and, of course, sandwiches, they’re just crazy about them. Almost every American to find a sandwich bag, whether it is a class 6 student, student or office worker. Also very popular snacks: chips, nuts, fruits, vegetables …

Many, of course, eat in cheap restaurants (eatery, fast food), but the issue of the quality and usefulness of this food immediately eliminated.

Each day begins with a buffet breakfast. Usually it is cereal with milk (cereal), orange juice and coffee, lots of coffee, or an omelet (scrambled eggs), bacon, sausage and, of course, coffee. Leftovers from dinner (leftovers) are also often breakfast. Americans generally drink coffee, and tea are not in demand. So incredible popular coffee shop. If you find yourself in an American restaurant, I would not advise ordering tea. Brewed tea is not there, the whole tea bags, sealed and no hot water, and barely hot water. But iced tea (Iced Tea — always ice) is very popular in summer. Generally, all drinks from Coca calls and ending alcoholic, served with ice. If you are not a fan of ice, be sure to inform the waiter in advance (no ice). Otherwise, in spite of the season, in the glass will be more ice than liquid.

Lunch — it’s basically a sandwich made ​​at home or ordered at the restaurant «Takeaway» (carry out / to go / take out).

Dinner — a trip to a restaurant or a pizza, or again «take away food».

Another interesting fact is that in the United States are very few dishes from pork, as the sales leader is beef. Meat lovers, definitely can recommend restaurants specializing in steak (Steak House). But you should be prepared to the question of how to be cooked steak. Americans bought mainly medium rare steak (medium — no blood, but a little underdone inside) or medium rare blood (medium rare) and less crude Rare blood (rare). Full prozharka (well done) — it is a rare case.

Very interesting situation in grocery stores. Basically all the food — semi-finished products. Fruits and vegetables on the form as plastic, and the taste, too, almost all of the same size and shape. 🙂 Milk can be stored in the refrigerator up to 2 weeks, the same situation with the bread — it is moldy rather than zacherstveet.

You can tell a lot about food and the tradition of Americans, but not recount, much better to see it all with my own eyes. And if you have the opportunity to travel, use it — you will not regret it!



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