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Theatre in English

All of us have time to spare, but someone more, someone less. Spend your free time, you can not only rest, but extracting from it. One of the «useful» means of entertainment (entertainment) is a trip to the theater (theatre). If you go to the theater, you are guaranteed a good time. Interesting statement (interesting preformance) will help you relax and learn something new in this kind of art (art). Let’s take an imaginary trip to the theater in English, and remember all the necessary information, through which we can talk about any visit to the theater in a foreign language.

We go to the theater in English

You must first buy tickets (buy tickets) at the box office (box office). Usually people prefer to buy or order tickets in advance (buy tickets beforehand / book tickets in advance), but there are those who want to get to the play (play) just before the premiere (first night / opening night). Going to the theater in English, it is advisable to leave the robe in the dressing room (cloak room) and optionally buy the program performance (buy a program) at the usher (from the usher). It contains information about the product and the cast (cast).

The theater in English, you can see performances (plays), musicals (musicals), ballet (ballet), opera (opera). Speaking about the genre, most popular comedy (comedy), drama (drama) and tragedy (tragedy). Sometimes the acting (actor) and actress (actress) on stage (on the stage) is just incredible.

The audience (viewer / spectator) checked tickets, and they go to their seats (seats) in rows (in rows). Hall theater in English is divided into the following areas: ground floor (the stalls), the amphitheater (the circle), the bed (the boxes), first balcony (the dress-circle) and second tiers (upper-circle). Once in the hall sold out, even people sitting in the aisle (in the aisle). Thrice audible warning bell (warning bell rings), the curtain rises (curtains go up), and the presentation starts. Actors involved (star in a play) in the product, in the spotlight (footlights) and spotlights (spotlights) are in our court some exciting story. By the way, the scenery (settings) are also playing an important role. Typically, the performance consists of two actions (play in two acts), interruptible interval (act-wait / entracte).

At the end of the play the curtain drops (curtains go down) and actors come to the bow (take a curtain). All the while, the audience (audience) is accompanied by applause (applaud / clap / burst into applause). If the performance was excellent (be a great success / superb), artists encore (encore). Critics (critics) can evaluate the performance as a wave (moving), strong and bright (powerful), exciting (gripping), nice and good (good fun), boring (boring), unexciting (slow). But it is better when the acting and work as a whole to make you very strong (huge) impression tremendous impression!



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