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The World’s Toughest Job. Mother’s Day in English

I do not know, have you ever heard of such a position as «director of operations» (approx. — «Director of Operations»), but what are the requirements to the person applying for the place, the company has put forward Rehtom Inc.:


  • Crisis management experience (the experience of crisis management).
  • Managing 10-15 projects at once (the ability to work on 10-15 projects simultaneously).
  • Ph. D. in Psychology or real-life equivalent (degree in psychology or experience in this area).
  • Understanding of finance (good knowledge in the field of finance).
  • Understanding of medicine (good knowledge in the field of medicine).
  • Ability to improvise (the ability to improvise).
  • Work mostly standing up and / or bending down (mostly work on their feet or cognuvshis).
  • Frequent travel (frequent travel).
  • Minivan driving experience a plus (the ability to drive a minivan is considered an advantage).
  • Full-time and 24/7 on-call 135+ hours a week (full-time, 24/7 to be on the telephone 135 or more hours per week).
  • No breaks or vacation (without breaks and holidays).
  • This is a NON-PAYING position (?!) (This unpaid work).

A little intense, is not it?

More than 2 million people have viewed this ad, we think the same way as you do: «Who goes there to work at all? Certainly not me! «. But another 24 decided to take a chance and send your resume. What if it’s an original way to weed out unqualified candidates? These people are actually invited to the interview online, and they were able to find out what kind of trick was hiding in this strange advertisement. We bring you the video of the interviews:

Yes, these dedicated directors of operations — none other, as our mothers. They really did all this for us 24 hours, 7 days a week. Without weekends and holidays. And certainly no pay!

In the past year, we have already told the story of Mother’s Day. This year, this holiday falls on May 11. This is just one more reason to remind our beloved mothers, they are dear to us. Call your mother!

PS Well, and if you want your mom is really proud of you, you can sing a song in English to her Mother’s Day. 🙂

Table words and expressions used in the video

Responsibilities Duties
Requirements Demands
High level of stamina
High level exposure
An associate (noun) A colleague / partner
Negotiation skills Negotiation skills
Culinary arts Culinary arts
Work load
Work load is going to grow
The workload increase
Extensive Extensive
Constant Permanent
No break available
Without interruption
Legal Legal
Excellent Excellent
Intense Intensive
Interpersonal Interindividual
Interpersonal skills Art (skills), interpersonal relationships; sociability
Chaotic environment
Chaotic situation
Cruel Brutal
Sick Abnormal
Twisted Warped
All-encompassing Inclusive; overall
Inhumane Brutal
Insane Lunatic
Immeasurable Neizmermy
To exert yourself Work hard; strain
To be done with something
Only when the associate is done with his lunch
Finish something to do
Only when your colleague has finished lunch
To stay up (phrasal verb) Stay up
To demand (verb) Require
To meet requirements Match
To appreciate (verb)
It does not seem that I appreciate it but I definitely do.
Perhaps you would think that I do not appreciate this, in fact it is not so (I appreciate).
Unlimited hours a week Unlimited number of hours per week
From time to time Occasionally
To wear several hats (idiom) Perform multiple tasks simultaneously; perform several functions
With happy disposition Happily; with a positive attitude
Let’s cover the salary Let’s discuss salary
The position is going to pay … In this position, you will receive …
Pro bono publico (Lat.) For the sake of the public good
For free Free of charge
AKA (Also Known As) Also known as …

Testy video



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