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The word order in the English sentence: word order in English sentence

The very title of this article is not too impressive. What is it about this word order in English (word order in English sentence), to separate it stop attention? After all, we used to say in Russian the way we want. And by the way, everyone understands that we want to pass this or that statement. For example, a simple sentence: «Last night, come to me friends.»

We can begin this sentence with any word, any member of the swap offer, but the meaning will not change

  • «Friends come to me last night.»
  • «To me last night friends came.»
  • «Yesterday evening, friends came to me.»

Options may be few, until the end of the number of words in a sentence. Whatever expressed his thought, an idea, we have informed the other party. Statement of the sentence at different places can only focus on one fact, which is most important for us. For example, in the first sentence of friends came just yesterday, not two days ago. The second — which came friends and relatives did not come. In the third — they just came to me, and not to a neighbor.

However, all these proposals make sense remained unchanged. That kind of freedom in the use of the sentence, which quickly get used to, and we are now taking in the English language. And to do so is strictly prohibited. English in this respect is very strict. It does not allow to turn the subject and predicate right and left. Whichever option you are not Russian proposals heard in English, he will be presented a certain word order, which may not be violated, namely: ‘Friends came to me last night. »
«Last night,» and you can move to the beginning of the proposal. That is the only way to be translated, and nothing else. Only in this way you will hear correctly.

What is the order of words in the English sentence?

Once again, in whatever form is not a proposal was made ​​in Russian, in whatever way you would not want to express their thoughts, always stick to this scheme here is of the order of words in the English sentence (word order in English sentence):

  1. Subject
  2. Predicate
  3. Supplement, and if more than one, first is indirectly without an excuse, then direct, indirect ends with a preposition.
  4. Fact, it is still possible to place before the subject at the beginning of sentences.

To visualize this scheme, we use such a designation order of words in the English sentence:

We take our Russian proposal and translate it according to this scheme:

Yesterday evening, come to me friends. — Last night my friends came to visit me / My friends came to visit me last night.

This scheme concerns affirmative proposition.

If we are talking about the order of words in the English issue (word order in questions), then we define for themselves what question word we always will be placed at the head of proposal, followed by the auxiliary verb will follow. Then look at the scheme and working again as a proposal in the affirmative. For example: «How much does this jacket?». Note that the subject is at the end of sentences. The order of words in the English language, this will not allow. We translate: How much does this jacket cost? All the formalities are met.

I think that with the construction of sentences in the English language in general there should be no problems if the circuit to remember the order of words in the English sentence and skill to use it. Good luck!



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