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The style of the English language

The style — one of the most interesting and ancient sciences. The concept of the styles originated from the time when people realized that the same set of linguistic resources is not always appropriate in a given situation. It is from this period was the man must know when and how should eat certain language facilities. Man is and has always sought to organize, because the system is easier than in the chaos, find what you need. Attempts to organize «the use of a particular language» and instances of its use laid the beginning of the birth of science-style.

The style of the English language

What is style? This set of linguistic resources inherent in a particular field of communication. The style of English studying patterns of use and combination of linguistic forms. The style of the English language is closely related to other sciences — lexicology, since this science studies the word and everything connected with it, and when you select a style, and we need a variety of linguistic resources inherent in a particular style.

The style is inextricably linked with the history. Styles as one of the subjects of study in English style originated as a result of certain historical events. For example, a newspaper style originated with the first periodicals. About 59 BC. e. in Rome, it was released the first «newspaper», bearing the name «Acta Diurna» (daily specials), which by order of Julius Caesar distributed around the city. To use the short-oral forms started at the beginning of the XIX century, for the most part been caused by the democratization of the language. The emergence of the scientific style was due to scientific and technical progress.

Basic knowledge of the style of English is necessary for the implementation of different types of transfers. For example, spoken words are inappropriate in negotiations. And the words: «We vow to take the goods on time» instead of «The seller undertakes to deliver the products on time» in the sales contract will look to put it mildly, inappropriate.

Basic knowledge of the style of English is a prerequisite of speech. Literary rate also applies to the field of study style. The ability to use words and shades of their values, it is necessary for everyone. Consequently, the style of the English language is necessary not only to people who have devoted themselves to the study of linguistics, but also in many other spheres of human activity.



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