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The noun in the English language: english nouns

We all know that words are more or less part of our speech. The noun in the English language (the Noun) is one of the biggest and most important parts of the speech that denotes objects, living beings, the substance (matter), abstract concepts, different phenomena.

If we classify the nouns in the English language (classification of nouns) according to which they express the value we obtain its own (proper nouns) and common nouns (common nouns) nouns. It is recalled that in proper names we attribute directly to the names and all sorts of names (geographical names of books, newspapers and magazines, historical events, days, weeks, months, holidays and so on. D.). Common nouns as nouns in the English language may be specific (concrete), abstract (abstract), a collective (collective), real (material).

Education nouns in English, takes place according to certain rules set out in the article of the same name. However, the first theme, which I would advise to study in this field, is the division of nouns in English on quantifiable (countable) and uncountable (uncountable) (read the article «countable and uncountable nouns»). From this issue in the foreign language depends on many grammatical questions (English article, the use of the required verb, the presence or absence of a numeral, and so on. D.).

The above theme is closely linked to plural nouns in the English language, to which we devote a separate article. Well, of course, speaking of the nouns should be aware of cases in English.

Take the noun in the English language as much time as you pay the verb. Thus, you simplify currently training in the future, as will easily handle any word of this part of the speech.

Now go a little test to make sure that you can easily distinguish nouns from other parts of speech:



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