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The inscriptions and warnings in English

English is the international language. That is why in many countries, information for those who visit the State for any purpose, is duplicated in English. It is believed that as any visitor can orient yourself, to understand what is allowed to do and what not, and what it warned. But in practice it turns out that, even learning English, we rarely pay attention to all kinds of signs, announcements, notices (notices), signs, labels (signs), warnings (warnings), the information is expressed in English.

Of course, some knowledge of the language will help you not to get lost, and within the meaning of the words used in the inscriptions and warnings in English to capture the desired meaning. This is very important because you can get into trouble by not taking note of what you are asking or warning. But sometimes even that knowledge is not enough to properly understand what is written on some pointers in the announcement or warning. I believe that these proposals here are concise and phrases you simply memorize. After all, in fact, not so much. And over time, if you often go abroad, they are so vrezhutsya your memory, you’ll be taken automatically, without thinking, what is written in them.

What are signs and warnings in English?

Conventionally, labels and warnings in English can be divided into four groups: informative signs, lettering, «Do it!», The inscription «Do not do it!» And directly warnings (warnings). Tablets, signs and markers can be taken in a separate section, as they only represent objects area.

  1. Informative signs (informative notices) — of course, give some information.
    • OUT OF ORDER — fault (for example, about any device, machine)
    • NO VACANCIES — No vacancies (classified hotel, etc.)
    • SOLD OUT — Sold (in the cinema, theater, concerts)
    • ADMISSION BY TICKET ONLY — Entrance fee
    • ADMISSION FREE — Admission free
    • ON SALE — available for sale
    • DRIVERS NEEDED! — Driver needed!
    • PROGRAMMERS REQUIRED — Wanted programmers
    • HELP REQUIRED — Help
  2. Inscriptions Do this! — «Do this! ‘Indicate what actions in a particular situation a person to do.
    • FASTEN SAFETY BELTS! — Fasten your seat belts!
    • WALK! — Go!
    • KEEP RIGHT / LEFT — Keep to the right / left side
  3. Inscriptions Do not do this! — «Do not do it!» Indicates that a person is forbidden to carry out any action in a certain place.
    • NO TRESPASSING — Entry prohibited
    • KEEP OFF THE GRASS! — Do not walk on the lawn!
    • DO NOT DISTURB! — Do not disturb!
    • NO ADMISSION — no entry
    • NO PARKING (STOPPING) — No parking
    • NO PHOTOGRAPHING — Taking photographs is prohibited
    • STOP! DO NOT WALK! — Stop!
    • LEAVE NO LITTER — Do not litter
    • NO ENTRY FOR GENERAL PUBLIC — No access is prohibited
    • SORRY NO DOGS — Dogs are not included
    • DO NOT LEAN OUT OF THE WINDOW — Do not lean out of the window
    • PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS — animal feed is forbidden
  4. Cautions Warnings, which can be described in one word Watch out! — Beware! These inscriptions advised us to be careful and cautious in certain places (situations) to avoid bad consequences.
    • MIND YOUR HEAD! — Be careful, do not hurt your head!
    • MIND THE STEP! — Beware of step!
    • FRAGILE! — Breaking! Fragile!
    • BEWARE OF THE DOG — Beware of the dog!
    • DANGER! — Danger!
    • WET PAINT! — Beware of paint!
    • BIOHAZARD — Biohazard
  5. In the fifth group, we define various signs, signboards, which can be found in many countries:
    • ARRIVAL — Arrival
    • BOARDING — Planting
    • CHECK-IN — Register
    • DETOUR — Detour
    • EMERGENCY EXIT — Emergency Exit
    • FIRST AID — Ambulance
    • LOST AND FOUND — Lost and Found
    • PRIVATE PROPERTY — Private property

Of course, this is only part of the inscriptions and warnings in English, which will be useful. If you are interested in other expressions, look at the list posted on the website Or maybe it is interesting to see the illustration of the inscriptions and warnings in English? Then boldly enter into the Google search engine your request and explore these laconic phrases clearly.



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