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The difficulty of the English language

In studying any foreign language or any other field of knowledge, we find that a certain material is given to us easily, and with an understanding of other problems. Therefore, we try, where possible, to learn something that is the soul, or that we more closely. That’s why we sometimes divide people into «technicians» and «humanitarians». The first costs nothing to learn technical disciplines, and second only amenable to the humanities. However, no matter what group you belong to, you still may need English. And, hence, the difficulty of the English language have the same deal. What we mean by that?

The difficulty of the English language

Learn English, we may face some situations that are obstacles in the learning process. This is the difficulty of the English language, which we have to overcome in any way if we want to master the language sufficiently well. Firstly, this pronunciation. To achieve a nice pronunciation, similar to that of a native speaker, it can only be spoken of long-term practice. This way you can get rid of an accent. Very good to practice pronunciation in any English-speaking country.

In parallel with the pronunciation is another difficulty of the English language — the language barrier. In most cases, a person who has a vast knowledge of the English, unable to communicate at ease using the language. Fires language barrier — fear made many mistakes in conversation, hence the silence. Winning is a feeling of fear and stiffness can be the same way in which pronunciation is fulfilled. And you can often communicate with native speakers.

Another difficulty is the perception of the English language the English listening comprehension. The fact that native speakers in the conversation do not always use the complete form of words, grammatical structure or desired characteristics. Their speech is not slowly and smoothly and fast and jerky. Add to this list has focus and get an explosive mixture, which many heard panicked. Do not get lost while practicing listening, talking to native speakers, noting the pronunciation, you can achieve good effects in understanding spoken English.

Grammar, in the opinion of many people, generally is one continuous difficulty of the English language. Although, in fact, there is not all that bad.

Of course, the Russian people is quite difficult to understand the system of the British era, which represented 16 forms, but if it is good to understand, it will lose its status as «the difficulty of the English language.» From the grammatical concepts I would like to highlight the articles (of which we do not have at all), modal and phrasal verbs. Everything else, even the most complex grammatical constructions — within our understanding with a strong desire.

We are also in the difficulty of the English language record our inability, or unwillingness to think the inability in English, and then to speak the language. Of course, thinking in their native language better, and look for a matching and translation from Russian is also easier only by the sound is not in English. Try to think in the language you are studying, and eventually all of your problems disappear.

And finally I would like to give advice. If you are faced with the difficulty that seems insurmountable, do not give up. You can always refer to the tutor or to take some English lessons on skype, which will help you to cross the barrier and caused to move on.



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