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The correct pronunciation of English words

The correct pronunciation of English words — a problem faced by all language learners, especially at the beginning of learning. How many questions arise for which the student is difficult to find the answer! For example: «Why in one word, letter e is pronounced as [i], in the other — as the [e], and the third is not pronounced at all?» At first glance it may seem that to remember and somehow assimilate these rules impossible. But experience has shown that in the process of learning new words of their pronunciation rules deposited in the head by themselves.

The poem is about the pronunciation

Very colorful features of pronunciation are shown in a funny poem written especially for those who want to speak English correctly:

It turns out that not only do we suffer — English language learners, and native speakers! Somehow, the same words are pronounced differently, and often with a substantial deviation from the norm.

Standard British English

There is the so-called «standard» pronunciation in British English. Its official name Received Pronunciation (literally, «acquired pronunciation¬Ľ). RP -proiznoshenie appeared in the second half of the XIX century, when provided with the prestigious British education sought to be different from ordinary people. They decided to get rid of an accent, and appeared RP. This is the English is taught in most cases Russian students.

The facts show that in real life «standard pronunciation» peculiar to a small percentage of the UK population — only 2%! Basically what they say actors and politicians, teachers and representatives of the English upper class society.

The majority of Britons said one of the plurality of regional accents. That is why the Russians are studying only «standard» option, usually in a state of shock after communicating with a native speaker. Of course, such accents of English guided not worth it because you can not understand the media, speaking with another accent. But RP -proiznoshenie understand anywhere in the UK.

The difference in the pronunciation of English words

Where are the differences in the pronunciation of English words? It often happens so that the inhabitants of a region speak differently.

The answer to this question, researchers tried to find the British Library (British Library). They organized a survey of ordinary people: they offered to read a few words, which are now increasingly pronounced incorrectly, contrary to the transcription in a dictionary.

The main aim of the researchers was to understand how the pronunciation, and most importantly — why it happens. The results show that young people are increasingly pronounced as the letter H haitch, instead of the usual aitch. Proposed word they utter as a mischievous mischeevy-us, instead mischivus. In addition, young people are more likely to prefer the wrong, but the more comfortable variant pronunciation of words garage, schedule, migraine, harass. Here’s how the survey was conducted:

In dictionaries of British English says that the standard pronunciation of the letter H — aitch. However, an alternative embodiment haitch also not considered an error. Interestingly, haitch — standard pronunciation in Irish English, and that it is becoming increasingly popular among English speakers across the country, regardless of the location of the speaker and his social status. Similar surveys have shown that now «fashionable» to talk like that.

It is proved that the language changes with each new generation. Despite the fact that children begin to talk with their parents, and later they go to school, where most of the day is performed with the same children, and, accordingly, their speech being influenced. Words borrowed from other languages, with time becoming less like the original. For example, borrowed from the French word village once rhymed with the word garage. Today, hardly anyone will think that pronunciation village was once wrong and ridiculous. Most likely, the word garage sooner or later face the same fate.

Why change the word — is not fully understood. Apparently, British English is changing under the influence of «less normalized ‘American English, which penetrates to the UK in films and television. In the United States a number of words for a long time not as pronounced as it is written in English. American pronunciation also has its own name General American (GenAm). It is based on all the same RP -proiznoshenie, but with a number of significant changes that are convenient to residents of North America. It is interesting that this corresponds to the average American GenAm more than the average Briton speech RP -proiznosheniyu.

Abnormal pronunciation

It turns out that the correct pronunciation of English words is not so easy to master not only learn the language but also to those who hear and speak to him from the cradle! Widespread irregularities — a usual phenomenon for the inhabitants of the English-speaking countries. Some of the words is different because of the presence of regional accents or even different versions of the language, part — due to changes in the new generation of language. How hard would you given any English pronunciation, remember that the main thing — that you have understood and not necessarily to memorize all the rules written in school textbooks. Select the pronunciation and accent of the English language that you like best. You speak as you wish. But at the same time, remember, the closer your speech to the RP -proiznosheniyu, the easier it will be to communicate with people, regardless of location.



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