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Tests on English grammar

Currently, related to English grammar is ambiguous. Someone thinks that it is necessary to begin to learn the language, and someone does not give her any of the main places in the learning process, with an emphasis on English language spoken (even with grammatical errors). However, I still close the first position. Grammar — is one of the most important parts of the language, without which you will never reach the desired level of knowledge. After all, grammar is certain set of rules the use of words and phrases, so you can competently, interesting, and therefore worthy use of the English language.

Advances in the study of English grammar are achieved by not only memorizing theory, but in practice many hours at various exercises of varying difficulty. As such exercises can be used and tests on English grammar. In addition to the training of grammatical rules, features and exceptions you can also evaluate the level of your knowledge at this stage.

Where to look for tests on English grammar?

You have several options for testing on English grammar. You can buy or download the online tutorials with tests. For example, the book TG Nikolenko «tests on English grammar» Iris-Press publishing house in 2009 ( and «tests on English grammar for pupils and students’ TI Borisenko, TV Valentey ( If you prefer to download the necessary materials from the Internet, you may help this link: — complex tests on English grammar.

Now very popular online English testing (on all the aspects). Sites with online tests English grammar enough. The site is located test knowledge of grammar rules from Beginner to Intermediate. After passing the test, you will see a list of your strengths and weaknesses in grammar mistakes and correct variations in these cases.

The list of tests on English grammar at various sites presented on the resource A large number of tests on English grammar, run on time and checking the knowledge of almost any rule, you can visit Well, someone might be interested in an updated test in English grammar, presented on the page of the American Academy of Business English (American Academy of Business English). This resource is located at the following address —

On our site you will also find a large number of grammatical and not only tests:

  1. Tests to determine the level.
  2. Grammar tests, the most popular of which are:
    • The test on the use of conditional sentences in the English language.
    • Test Times Group Present.
    • Test degrees of comparison of adjectives.
    • Test Present Perfect vs. Past Simple English.
    • Test adjectives with -ing and -ed.

As you can see, the options for checking your grammar with the help of tests are not so little. You decide which way you prefer to do it, and move on! Who knows, maybe you’ll be amazed with the result?



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