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Teacher of English

Profession «teacher», once one of the most honorable, now, alas, has become a synonym for «loser.» Particularly deplorable situation with school teachers. «Loser,» the most courteous that can hear the teacher at the school from the students behind him. They almost do not notice what they are doing for them, these amazing people. This fascinating work and, according to students, seething behind the doors of banks, luxury offices. … But nevertheless, after years of sitting in these same offices, they are warm and gratefully remember those who laid the foundations of a successful career.

Profession «English teacher»

What could be more complicated at first glance, in the lesson? Nothing is easier: to open the textbook, read, explain the rules. Everything else (how to learn) — problems of students. But it turns out, the profession, «English teacher» is not less exciting than, say, «Journalist». Occupation English teacher includes elements such professions as a psychologist, an art critic, writer, director, historian, actor, organizer, and even the military.

School teacher — is generally a unique person, and some parents would do well to reduce the number of offensive epithets to your vocabulary heir in respect of the teacher. Besides atmospheric pressure teacher constantly feeling the effects of three mandatory components of their profession: administration, children, parents. And if an average link is almost always possible to find a common language, with the remaining units under an hour is very difficult. It is because of these schools often lose their best fighters of literacy, and yesterday the talented teachers today are mediocre salespeople, clerks … The young English teachers have bypassed party school as a place of mourning. But they — the owners of the new techniques that often do not fit into the centuries-oiled machine curriculum.

And the most important and almost invincible dragons: the district, the Education Department and Min. Education — the people, in my opinion, generally cut off from reality. So I want to send them to their home planet. The fact that «advise» them and that really need school, to put it mildly, is not the same.

But, despite all of the above, there are people who believe in the necessity of their profession. They work 18-20 hours a day and 45 minutes to devote time to manage almost every student (in the classroom a teacher of English in our schools teach 15-20 students).

Another thing is an English teacher at the institute, university, academy. These people feel more free, because doing science it is not only recommended, but also subtly made a duty. Just not everyone knows that often obtain the scientific degree does not depend on labor input, but from a simple banal thing — money. Money — it is evil, and evil is not at all enough to cope with this hurdle. But weak sprout hour after hour hit hard asphalt ignorance, and many talented people still write their unique works published books and is rightly called the sacred word «professor».

Quite a different category — the teacher of English language courses, or specialist teaching English via Skype. Typically, this is a well-paid job. These people are always aware of all the new areas of linguistics and have the opportunity to apply new techniques in practice and often work in tandem with native speakers.

And yet, despite the huge number of problems of the profession, it remains one of the most important, or who else to explain what they want «infidels»?



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