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Subject Health in English

As corny as it may sound, our health depends on our life and vice versa. The very theme of «Health» is one of the most important in all times and ages, because it contributes to good health and a long full life. About Health says people of all countries and of all nationalities. Constantly there are some epidemic mankind has been trying to invent cures for incurable diseases, and in general, every day we are confronted with cases in which we help to the knowledge on the use of certain medications for diseases and injuries, as well as the skills of emergency assistance to the victims. The theme of «Health in the English language» must necessarily be examined by those who understands the foreign language and wants to focus at least basic health concepts. Another article on this subject, called «Medicine in the English language»

What are the symptoms and what can happen to a person?

First of all, remember that in English would sound like health health. In autumn and winter, including the rainy and chilly weather, people often take cold (catch cold) and begin to cough (cough). They may have a sore throat (sore throat), and a fever (temperature / fever). Headache (headache) and rhinitis (running nose / cold), too, is no exception. In these and other cases, we say that the person is sick (feel sick / ill) and feels disgusting (feel like death / warmed up). And the probability of disease (illness) may be the flu (flu). The disease is also called the word disease, but this is something quite serious and quite possibly dangerous for humans. By the way, with all of the above symptoms, and others, presented below, will be used the verb have got to mean «I have … (symptom).»

In addition to the head can hurt the stomach (stomachache), and any other part of the body. In this case, fairly easy to say that it hurts. We just need to know the names of body parts in English and join the word ache — pain, such as headache headache. Chest pain sounds like chest pains. If you hit anything about his hand, then there will be bruising (bruise). At the same time full of eyes — a black eye. The rash on the face is the name of the spots, but in other parts of the body it will be a rash. Cones will be called as a lump. Of course, once in the life of each of us faced with diarrhea (diarrhoea), constipation (constipated), dyspepsia (indigestion), joint pain (painful joints). We can not do without fracture (fracture) and hemorrhage (bleeding).

Going to the doctor

The theme of «Health in the English language» means knowledge and vocabulary to refer to a doctor (consult a doctor), and the ability to understand and apply the advice and medicines (remedies / medicine), which he recommended. At the doctor, you can tell us how you feel: spinning if the head (feel dizzy), choke you (feel breathless) or you chills (feel shivery), and maybe you lose consciousness (feel faint), or a lost voice , appetite (loose voice, appetite)? You also need to talk about what hurts you. To do this, use the verb hurt (hurt). The doctor will examine you to (examine), measure the pressure (blood pressure), diagnose (diagnosis). Diseases lot, we take only those at the hearing: chicken pox (chickenpox), mumps (mumps), pneumonia (pneumonia), ulcer (ulcer), viral infection (infectious disease). Because very serious diseases memorize cancer (cancer), HIV (HIV) and AIDS (AIDS), infarction (heart attack).

We try to recover and stay healthy

The best part of the theme «Health in the English language» — a story about drugs and how to maintain health. You can write out a tablet or medicine (pills and potion), may designate a dressing (bandage), gypsum (plaster) and injections (injections), and probably the operation (operation). And who is enough for bed rest (total bed rest). Follow your doctor’s recommendations and very soon you will again feel in good health (as fit as a fiddle)! Do not forget that health is worth more than money (Good health is above wealth)!



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