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Strange and unusual Christmas traditions of the world

I think that everyone agrees that the New Year in different countries united by one thing — this is traditionally a family celebration, waiting for a miracle and change. You might be surprised to learn that in some countries the tradition of the New Year is quite bizarre. See for yourself.

For example, in Ireland, unmarried girls are desperately waiting for New Year’s Eve, because that’s what it can bring to them the love of life. Hoping to draw her future husband, they are placed under the pillow leaves mistletoe (mistletoe leaves). Also, according to Irish legend, it helps to get rid of the girl he had bad luck (bad luck) and a bad fate.

Denmark surprises us with a rather strange tradition — breaking up the dishes on the door neighbors. Ironically, instead of the disturbance it causes joy and approval of neighbors. The family at the door where you can see a large mountain beaten utensils (plates, glasses, cups and other porcelain dishes (crockery)), considered to be the most successful, as it has many loyal friends.

Communication with the spirits (talking to spirits) — is part of the tradition in Mexico. Mexicans are convinced that they can communicate with the souls of dead loved ones, relatives and loved ones. New Year’s Eve is the most successful for advice from the spirits.

In Ecuador, there is a unique tradition of making stuffed (scarecrows) and burn them at midnight. Stuffed filled pieces of wood and dresses in clothes from the newspapers. When approaching midnight, every family gets together and burns his effigy. According to the beliefs of the local population with a stuffed it burned all the bad things that happened in the past twelve months. It is also believed that the scarecrow scares bad luck. Thus, the New Year is filled with good luck and happiness.

Last day of the year in Scotland is called Hogmanay (Hogmanay). New Year’s Eve comes unsafe acts — the festival fireballs. The streets are a man with a flaming fireballs (blazing balls of fire). They twirl balls over their heads, without ceasing. According to local tradition, fireballs bring spiritual cleansing (purification). This tradition dates back to the days of the Vikings.

Imagine a festive street filled with people. And on all these clothes with polka dots (polka dots). In the center of a huge table with food round shape and a lot of fruit. This happens only once a year. All of this happens in the New Year’s Eve in the Philippines. Filipinos believe that it will bring them prosperity, because they are associated circular peas with coins and wealth.

Residents of Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia and other South American countries celebrate the New Year in a bright underwear (colorful underwear). The most popular lingerie red, yellow and other bright colors to attract good luck in the upcoming year. Red symbolizes the fiery love, and yellow — the desire to get in the New Year money and wealth. His desire to express the locals so that’s an unusual way.

Talca (Talca) — a small town in Chile with a very strange and extravagant (freaky) New Year’s tradition. The people of this town celebrate the New Year with their dead relatives at the cemetery … (cemetery / graveyard). At this time, the cemetery is decorated with dim lights and light classical music. Local residents believe that their departed beloved, family and friends await them in the cemetery, so the new year is sure to meet with them. This tradition got started in 1995, when one local family went to the cemetery to celebrate the New Year at the grave of his father. Today, more than 5,000 people support this tradition.

Finally, following a tradition that has taken root in Germany since 1972, is close to us. Indispensable attribute of New Year’s Eve for the Germans — to see the British comedy «Dinner for One» («Dinner for One»). The origin of this tradition is unknown, but the Germans enthusiastically watching this comedy again and again … You are nothing like?

In America, there are more romantic than a country, a tradition on New Year’s midnight kiss a loved one, and if it is not — then someone else. According to legend, it will make the coming year is incredibly beautiful and happy. It is said that a kiss on New Year’s Eve washes away the bad memories and notes the arrival of the New Year freshness and depth of feeling.

Let the New Year bring everyone a lot of love, health, wealth, happiness and new heights in learning foreign languages!



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