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Sprechen Sie Deutsch? German on Skype

German is the second most popular foreign language in Europe, and this popularity is steadily increasing with each passing day. Today, the German speaking, every third inhabitant of Europe, and one in five wants to study it. Now we have something to please enthusiasts of the German language.

Regular readers of our blog for a long time asked us whether our teachers to teach not only English, but also German language? Today we are happy to answer yes to this question — in our friendly team appeared German teacher via Skype. Meet with Elena!

Elena has been teaching German for more than 6 years. Thanks to the rich experience of living in German-speaking countries and training institutes in Germany and Austria, Elena might argue that knowing several foreign languages ​​provides opportunities for personal and career growth. After correctly say how many languages ​​you know — so many times you are a man.

The teaching of the German language Elena uses the communicative approach as one of the most effective methods of learning a foreign language. This means that her students will speak from the very first sessions. Let it first be hesitant and short phrases, snatches of sentences and monosyllabic answers — all those little «small steps» will prepare students to confidently and freely «run» a marathon «German race.» It is worth while to construct a normal German proposal in 3-4 lines!

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To approach the study of the German language by Skype

Is your training on Skype? If at least a couple of these items you can confidently say «yes», the German for Skype — this is what you need:

  • I would like to do a German at a convenient time for me, for example, late in the evening;
  • I’m a busy man and I can not waste time on the road to the teacher;
  • I’m not willing to pay a lot of money for expensive courses;
  • I want an individual approach to learning;
  • I need a teacher who will explain everything in simple language;
  • German I need not «show» I need real results, and quickly.

Of course, there are other benefits of employment on Skype, but all of them are not listed, the more that it is better to see once than hear a hundred times or read. A «view» is very easy, since the first introductory lesson is free for all!

Such a complex simple German

Many students from school left the false impression that the German language on the one hand is very easy, on the other — devoid of any charm. In terms of pronunciation of the German language has a favorable advantage over English: phonetic rules of classical German easily given Russian students, because we are used to articulate each sound clearly and distinctly.

But the grammar will have to sweat! Even despite the fact that the Russian language we are used to change endings of nouns, we have a case which we will choose a noun and an adjective — nothing is going to compare with the German articles and case, the order of words in a sentence, and, of course, management and conjugation of the verb! But there is good news for every grammatical phenomenon in the German language is the rule, such rules are used to strictly follow the Germans. So, to learn and understand the rules once, you can not be afraid to make mistakes in the future, while in the English more exceptions than rules themselves.

As for the beauty of language, Schönheit liegt im Auge des Betrachters, that is, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No one will argue with the beauty of the poetry of Goethe and Schiller!

Dear friends, solved! Many of you already appreciate the beauty of learning English by Skype, you can now go to the next level and start to conquer the summit also German. Our teacher Elena is looking forward to meeting you!

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