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Social Networks and English

Let’s talk about how you can be interesting to learn the language, using social networks. Today, they are so firmly established in the lives of virtually every man that we can not imagine any other way of communication. Each of us have a profile VKontakte, Twitter or Facebook. And many registered in each of these networks. It is not surprising that people with similar or the same interests tend to stick together and create a community in which they could exchange or share useful information with each other. Why not start a community dedicated to the English, and not to communicate with others who also strive to master the language? The community is very much, but there is no need to cover everything, because the material of these virtual organizations must be of high quality and useful.

Community VKontakte for English language learners

  • Just English! — Specially selected interesting pictures and phrases, audio and video materials are laid out every day on the wall of the community.
  • Visual English — learn English with the help of illustrations, tables, charts, and so on. D. Very exciting and productive. In the community of more than 80 albums with pictures. Each post discusses the participants, which creates additional opportunities to communicate in English.
  • English books — a community for those who love to read books in English. A list of books is constantly updated. In addition, you can download each book in different formats for the convenience of reading them in electronic form.
  • English movies — a community that is necessary for everyone to learn the language. Watching movies in English not only expands the vocabulary, but also trains the skill of listening comprehension. I’m not talking about what you hear modern «living» in English.

Join the community VKontakte, subscribe to useful pages, making your pastime in this social network useful!

But, of course, VKontakte — is not the only network that can do a good service to learn English. Facebook and Twitter are just as, if not more exciting resources. Almost every website dedicated to the English language, have their own accounts in these two networks. I’m sure each of you have some sayty- «favorites» that you really like, and that you use constantly.

If you are registered in Facebook and Twitter, you can subscribe to updates of your favorite sites and get all the latest information among the first. As Facebook is sufficient to note the desired resource click «Like» and Twitter — «Follow» button. Now you’ll quickly read in the news bulletin, which material was added to the site, what the debate began, which article was published. It’s incredibly convenient. No need to spend a lot of time with Google or Yandex to find the right material. The most relevant and contemporary, as we say, at your fingertips (at hand).

Communities Facebook and Twitter for English language learners

  • Palm of Learn English — British Council (Facebook or Twitter). Just a terrific resource of the British Council — the competent, relevant, «live», very interesting! To your attention the following sections: listen & watch, grammar & vocabulary, fun & games, business & work, IELTS, community, English for the games.

    What a highlight from this resource? This community on Facebook every few days spend Language Clinic & Chat — online chat between students and professional teachers.

    You can ask any question related to the study of English, and is guaranteed to get an answer in real time. Moreover, a detailed response will be deployed, often with advice, materials, and where the read / watch. Even if you do not participate in these discussions, try to view the comments of other participants!

    Equally useful is another «child» resource of the organization — ESOL Nexus (Facebook).

  • If in the future you are going to take any of the Cambridge exams, you will be very useful advice, tips and materials to train your skills, which provide sites and Select your desired exam FCE, CAE or CPE — and improve your knowledge at any time. If you want to track all of their new publications, or you need to dialogue with other students, teachers, join a group dedicated to these exams presented on Facebook:
    • FCE
    • CAE
    • CPE

    Another most popular Cambridge exam is the IELTS. Prepare it can be supervised by an individual teacher (or the group), as well as their own. Choosing the latter option, note the following resources are actively represented in the same Facebook:

    IELTS Speaking (Facebook) — great job required vocabulary «baggage», professional advice and more.

    English collocations for IELTS — the community in which you will find invaluable albums with collocations, collocations exercises, collocations in quotations, collocations in pictures, formal / informal writing and spelling, synonymous and functional expressions, odd one out exercises, idioms.

    I confidently declare that the material is needed not only to potential candidates for the exam, but also for everybody who improve their English language skills.

  • You should be interested in, and one of the largest communities of English teachers and students to study it. It (Facebook).

    Ask your questions and get answers within minutes. Already set to more than 1.5 million questions.

  • Ever thought about how there was a particular expression in the English language? Or you need to understand what it means? Now you have an assistant who will tell you the answer to this question. Visit The Phrase Finder (Facebook).
  • Treat yourself interesting idioms every day from this community — English Idioms.
  • Always wanted With Tutor-native English speaker, whom we call native speaker? Come to visit
  • This resource I briefly mentioned in the article «30 sites for learning English.» 8 professionals — Ronnie, James, Jon, Rebecca, Alex, Valen, Emma, ​​Adam — will tell you not only the grammatical aspects, but also to get acquainted with slang, increase vocabulary, teach correct pronunciation, give advice on the skills of writing and speaking. And each new tutorial video tutorial you will learn in due time in the community of Facebook or Twitter Subscription

  • Three communities presented below, each day track and publish interesting resources at the most useful material. Select the appropriate level you:
    • Pre-intermediate English (Facebook and Twitter).
    • Intermediate English (Facebook and Twitter).
    • Advanced English (Facebook and Twitter).
  • The abundance of material available on the site (Twitter). Apart from a very convenient division of the level of knowledge the site has sections such as life in the UK, vocabulary, listening, English for work, reading, writing, grammar, song quizzes, picture match, crosswords, word searches.
  • And, at the end of this article, I would recommend the blog of the American teacher named Shayna — (Twitter). Punctually, it is on his blog on the small amount of lessons on a completely different subjects, ranging from the practice of pronunciation and grammatical points and finishing with phrasal verbs and vocabulary in pictures.

I will continue to acquaint you with interesting sites, communities and groups that diversify your learning process. To be always up to date with our blog for updates and do not miss any interesting material, read us on Twitter!



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