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SMS in English

Today it is hard to say what role in our lives play a sms (sms — short message service) and mobile phones in general. Having appeared not so long ago, this service has become so popular that there were already diagnosed mental illness characterized by uncontrolled sending short text messages and the syndrome of anxiety waiting for a response to the SMS. Mobile phones and SMS — is a device and a service without which the life of modern man, starting around 6 years of age.

SMS in English as popular as in Russian or any other language. Moreover they have a good plus — in the Latin alphabet in a short text message comes in two times more characters than the Cyrillic alphabet. We have a financial advantage. English — the language of international communication, so your SMS in this language is clear to almost everyone. Just I note that I now mean the SMS in English in their true form, not Russian words written in English letters.

With the help of SMS in English You can not only communicate with the person, but also congratulate him with significant events, a declaration of love, to express their feelings in general, to pass on their mood and emotions. This contributes to a huge amount of «smilies» — the ideograms of graphic signs that help to more accurately convey its state at the moment.

SMS in English are used throughout. There is even an SMS slang, in which certain words and phrases are replaced by letters or numbers in English, as many words are generally reduced (love you — luv u; for you — 4u; to me — me 2, etc.). Of course, this does not impact on the content of SMS in English, and in its external expression. Use SMS slang or not, everyone decides for himself. But it saves you time, so abandon it completely, too, not worth it.

Where to find SMS in English?

Of course, the World Wide Web. We have before us presents a large number of sites dedicated to SMS in English. You only need to decide which direction and SMS content you are interested in at the moment. For example, I would like to show a few links that will help you if you do not select the appropriate word, then at least make up their own SMS message to a particular person and a particular case.

  • — humorous SMS in English.
  • Can I have your picture, so Santa Claus knows exactly what to give me.

  • — a diverse collection of messages.
  • Keep the school clean … stay home!

  • — not only text messages but also SMS abbreviations.
  • ASAP (As Soon As Possible) — As soon as both at once

    ROFL (Rolling on the floor laughing) — rolling on the floor laughing

  • — a collection of SMS in English for the beloved and loving people.
  • When i look at you,
    i can not deny there is God,
    cause only God could have created some one
    as wonderful n beautiful as you

These four resource will help you convey your mood by SMS in English and teach SMS language. Who knows, maybe communicate via SMS in English — this is exactly what you need?



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