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Sites for Teachers of English

I myself am a teacher of English. Do just that interesting work, I decided in high school, so do not rushed when choosing a career at the end of secondary school. Honestly, I really did not like the curriculum of our schools, which offer us, then students. Moreover, I even managed to catch me so unpopular course, when she taught English at the school a few years ago. Now the situation has changed a bit, but to different degrees and in all educational institutions. I want to believe that with the development of information technologies, cooperation between European countries, we still become to teach the language, so that children and adults wanted to teach, and not tolerated as «obyazalovke.»

I, as a teacher of English, has always wanted to use modern materials and tools, which I tried to put into practice. Besides, I wanted to bring my English class something new and memorable, whether it is a fascinating test, English crossword game, and the like. Of course, teaching English, we are laying a specific knowledge base that will continue to be updated and only multiply. In any case, it is possible that some language material and to explain in a way that will be satisfied and you and the student. The main thing — the desire to diversify the learning process.

Everyone knows that the bookstores are full of a variety of books, magazines and newspapers, textbooks, tables and diagrams, which are used to teach English. I would like to stay at the unlimited, also available, the resources of the web. The rapid development of the Internet has contributed to the number of sites dedicated to the English language, it has exceeded the mark of «hundreds of millions». This is easily seen by entering our favorite phrase «English» in any search engine such as Google. How to navigate in a variety of materials? Find websites for teachers of English, which will be useful for you. Yes, it takes a lot of time, but in the future you will save great at finding the right information. And one more thing — try to only use trusted resources with proven material that will no longer be based on the rules and incorrect statements.

Choosing sites for English language teachers

I would like to mention the sites for teachers of English, which I enjoyed, or use now. Maybe these tips will help you, teachers of English, quickly find quality supplementary materials for your lessons.

Of course, the head of my list of resources website, which is a storehouse of useful information. Here you will find any textbook publishers all, all kinds of guides, books for reading and listening, benefits from the collection of games, crosswords, puzzles, case exercises and much more. I’m sure this will be the site most visited by you.

Very interesting and child project resource englishtips — a site created specifically for teachers of English, called It is based on all kinds of tables, charts, and generally a handout that covers all the processes that we use in the learning process: grammar, vocabulary, listening, writing exercise and speaking. How are some books for the teachers board, let these two sites will become the desktop for you.

Among the most interesting and useful from the point of view presented on these sites are the material resources of the British Embassy:

  • — online resources for teachers, including training materials, articles, discussions, leading authors of the publication.
  • — resource in English, including lesson plans and assignments on the testing of all kinds of language activity.

Discuss any issues of training, get advice Methodists, learn about innovations in the world of textbooks and study materials, you can portal for English teachers:

Unlimited number of ready to print lessons, assignments of cards you find on websites and These sites are valuable in that the material they are constantly updated and supplemented, so you’ll always be up to date with all new that occurs in English.

Well, if you’re serious about improving their skills, not only in his native country, but also abroad, as well as plan to work as an English teacher abroad visit for English teachers You can learn about the training programs in any country, as well as about the possibilities of working in the same countries. You will also benefit from information on the requirements for a certain position or internship; material to test your level of language proficiency, information about higher education opportunities to travel and others.

Sites for teachers of English, however, very much, to see them all any man can not do. Try to filter them out of need and usefulness for you, but in any case, be aware of all the new trends in language and in the training process, and information resources of the Internet can help you in this! Good luck!



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