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Self-learning English

Often, in the comments on the blog asking how to quickly and effectively learn English. Everyone I meet in person and advise something, but now would like to express my personal views on this issue and my thoughts about self-English. First of all, I will say a few words about the combination of concepts such as «quickly and efficiently.» No one will argue that we all want everything at once, but, unfortunately, it does not happen. Languages ​​concerned in the first place.

Many asked to suggest a method by which you can not only learn the language quickly, but also effectively. And they want to own it at a high level. But I continue to say that a couple of the words «fast-effectively» in relation to the English language are just the opposite. If you are aiming to learn the language quickly, you will be able to learn only some basic knowledge, but this is unlikely to help you effectively use the language. Conversely, effective language learning, implying a good result, it is impossible without a long learning process.

I’m sure there will be those who will argue with me on this issue. After all, how many people, so many opinions. And, obviously, some believe that such language learning possible. After all, there are courses that promise perfect English in a day, three days a week, month, etc. And they are in demand, so somebody needs. But I have a different opinion. And this opinion has arisen not just. It happened on the basis of my own experience of language learning and other learning experiences. For good reason, I study English for over 13 years, and even now I can not say that I know everything. There is no limit to perfection. You need to constantly evolve. Therefore, if you really want to know English well and use it effectively in life, do not expect that the process of the study it will take a little time, and you wake up one day by a native speaker. Miracles do not happen. It is necessary to work hard, multiplied by the desire to learn the language. And only in this case, training will bring its legitimate fruits.

Effectively self-study English?

As I said, learning English, and of any other, is the process is not quick and not at all easy. But the opportunity to learn anywhere, too, is not at all. In this case, a natural question arises — is it possible to learn on their own? Will the self-English fruit, or it’s just a waste of time? I would argue that an independent study of the language is quite possible. The only thing I would advise is not to start to learn English on their own from scratch. After all, you have these new skills, so you can not be completely sure in the right direction you are moving.

Take a few English lessons by Skype, or go to the tutor, learn the basics, understand transcription, make sure that you can not help others learn more complex grammar of English. And now you can resort to self-learning English. Fortunately, the web, and in the sale, a range of material that is difficult to decide where to start.

I would recommend to use in the process of self-learning English at the same time a few benefits:

  1. Choose the right level of knowledge of your training course (for example, New English File or Enterprise). If you’re just starting to learn the language, your course is marked with Elementary or Beginner. This course includes himself a textbook, workbook, test booklet, audio and video.
  2. Choose a textbook on grammar. For example, Essential Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy or Grammarway by Jenny Dooley & Virginia Evans (this grammatical series of 4 books). Grammar practiced on these benefits. They are provided with keys, so you can check your progress.
  3. Use the phonetic course. For example, English Pronunciation in Use or New Headway Pronunciation Course. Audio material accompanying the publication, will allow you to hear exactly that question, the correct pronunciation of which you need to achieve.
  4. And finally, develop the habit — in their spare time listening to English radio or watching English-language movies.

Begin to study English with us and our blog. The site material is presented in accessible language, so the process of self-learning English does not seem like boring or uninteresting. Our site provides a list of articles on the blog for beginners, but they are arranged in a specific order from the easiest to the most difficult material. Moreover, articles are grouped by subject. Stick to the plan in the English language, and your efforts will be rewarded.



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