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Selecting a word: work / job / employment / occupation

Let’s talk about another interesting word that accompanies us always and everywhere. After all, the work takes up most of our lives. Even learning English on their own, we work, improve their skills, replenish their knowledge. As we can see, the types of work can be a lot, which means that there are words for different kinds of work. Try to understand the four proposed synonyms.

Selecting a word: work / job / employment / occupation — in the meaning of «work, work»

All of the English nouns denote the work of the company, institution or any private person as a source of livelihood. In other words, the job.

Word broadest sense is a substantive work, which can be any type of work, bringing earnings. This work may be associated with the occupation of a particular position can be a temporary assignment. This work may require professional knowledge, but can do without them. Even it does not matter, it just brings you income, or its execution a person receives a salary. It’s all work.

He is at work. — He is now working.

We have done a good day’s work. — Today, we have successfully worked.

What time do you get to your work in the morning? — When you come to work that morning?

He is through with his work. — He finished his work.

She failed to obtain work in the city. — She could not get a job in the city.

The second word job, which is more commonly used in the US than in British English, the meaning is almost like the work, but generally involves less prestigious job.

He does a good job. — It works well.

My job is to wash the dishes in this cafe. — My job — to wash dishes in the café.

What is your job? — What’s your job? What is your job?

Hundreds of workers could lose their jobs. — Hundreds of workers could lose their jobs.

Urgent need of money forced him to take a job. — Acute shortage of money forced him to go to work.

Third synonym employment — is responsible for the self-employed. In this case, a person occupies a position and receives a salary. Currently, the word is out of date at all used, with the exception of its use in the function definition to the noun.

It’s not easy to find employment in the countryside. — The village is not easy to find a job.

She obtained employment as a stenographer in a newspaper office. — She got a job as a stenographer in the newspaper.

He holds salaried employment. — It took a paid position.

And finally, the last noun occupation is necessary in order to denote work that requires specific knowledge or skills.

What is his occupation? — What does he do (who he was by profession)?

His occupation is farming. — He is engaged in agriculture.

In the space marked ‘occupation’ she wrote ‘police officer’. — Where it was necessary to specify the profession, she wrote, «a police officer.»



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