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School of English

The theme of «School» (School) in English «may imply the knowledge of one of the following areas: the school system the UK (education in schools of Great Britain), the school system the United States or the principles of schooling in their home country (we will speak about Ukraine and Russia). Depending on your chosen area of expertise will build your story on the theme of «School of the English language.» Although, in principle, learning English is mandatory should pay attention to this information, to further navigate the issues raised. In addition, if you accidentally going to live abroad, or send their children to school abroad, is clearly to understand what was happening, because our school education is significantly different from the formation of the mentioned countries.

School of English — British version

Compulsory (obligatory) in this state is the formation of from 5 to 16 years. In 5 years — a preparatory class (reception class), a year later — the school in English for children (infant school). Elementary school (junior / primary school) starts from 7 and continues until 11-12 years. Earlier, at the end of primary school students take the exam 11+ (Eleven-plus — he still remained in some areas of England), according to the results they went on a training in classical secondary school (grammar school), or in the middle of the modern school (secondary modern school) . But these days, all students receive secondary education in the common schools of general education (comprehensive school).

In 12 years, children enter the first grade of secondary school and learn to fifth. Then, after the exams normal level (Ordinary-Level exam / General Certificate of Secondary Education), the number of which varies from 3 to 10 or more, students receive a certificate of secondary education. These exams are entitled only to continue their education at a college or start working at the age of 16 years. Those who wish to enroll in the University in the future, remain in sixth grade for 2 years (sixth-form). Completing the training, students take exams increased level (Advanced-Level exam), which together with previous and is an introduction to higher education.

School of English — American option

In this country definitely have to unlearn from 6 to 14-16 years. First class (kindergarten) — 6 years, since the second grade elementary school is in English (elementary school). This phase is completed sixth grade at the age of 11-12 years. High school (junior high school, then high school) class name from the seventh through twelfth grade (from 12 to 17 years). Students learn the subject of high-level (advanced level) and prepare for college. Verification tests are exams SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and ACT (American College Testing programm test), which are sent to universities. But for admission to higher education institutions, the Commission also considers the evaluation of the student (marks / grades) and characteristics.

School of English — Russian-Ukrainian version

In these states, education is compulsory from 6-7 to 15-16 years, that is from the first to the ninth grade. After the ninth grade, students receive a certificate of lower secondary education and can continue their education at technical schools or colleges. If you need a certificate of secondary education, have to unlearn even 10th and 11th grade (up to 17-18 years). Now tense debate about the introduction of 10-year-old training system or the new 12-year-old, but the issue is still not resolved.

After examining these three paragraphs, you can compare the school system in various countries and submit it to the theme of «School of the English language.» And to ensure that your response was complete, you should easily handle the following concepts:

  1. Types of schools in the English language: the state (state school) and private (private school). In the UK, a very popular private boarding schools (boarding schools), often just for boys or girls, and charter schools (public schools), directly preparing their students for admission to universities.
  2. The system of knowledge assessment: make an assessment to grade. «Excellent» is A, and that’s «unsatisfactory» — F. Results of the tests referred to performance (in tests). SAT — a test to check the academic ability. ACT — selection test for admission to higher education.



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