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Schedule in American universities. (What class to choose?)

The process of admission to an American college or university I described in a previous article, so this bring a focus on scheduling objects (classes), because the American student has the right to schedule at its discretion.

Once enrolled in a college or university student is to meet with the supervisor (academic advisor), Commission (admission committee / admission office), which enrolled applicant (applicant / prospective student), automatically distributes scientific leaders. Their duties include assistance and coordination of the student throughout the training. Since then, the … more

In contrast, our education system, American students themselves make yourself a schedule (schedule of classes, not the brit. [Ʃedjuːl], and the Americans. [Skedʒuːl]) and so there is a certain composition of students in groups (ie. E. According to the band is not there class). Otherwise, if we want to say that we have with any students to attend class with the English language, it would sound like this: He is in my English class.

One and the same class may lead to different teachers and quite different days of the week. It’s very convenient for students, especially for those who work. By the way, the student himself can decide how many classes (objects) to take him for a semester.

Here is a diagram of the class you want to take (to register for class).

Example Class ENGLISH-101: Introduction to College Writing

GER Units Section Class # Hours Days Dates Instructor Room
(FEE) 3 LEC 051 40735 12:00 PM —
1:34 PM
MWR 06/25 — 08/18 Prins, Kristin CRT 321
  • GER — General Education Requirement (general education requirements and an additional fee for this class, sometimes to take a class, you must pass the other, lower level). In this case, GER — ____ FEE (payment of fees), there is no requirement to account for the preparation of the subject, and this class can take any college or university student. But there is an additional charge for it (usually $ 100) to the needs of the class, for example — paper.
  • Units — number of points, the sum of which determines the degree (a bachelor’s degree is necessary to dial 120-140 points in total).
  • Section — the audience, which will host the class.
    • LEC — Lecture.
    • DIS — Discussion section.
    • LAB — Laboratory section.
  • Class # — number of the class from a catalog.
  • Hours — watch.
  • Days — days of the week (their capitals).
    • M — Monday.
    • T — Tuesday.
    • W — Wednesday.
    • R — Thursday.
    • F — Friday.
    • S — Saturday.
    • U — Sunday.
  • Dates — the date of the class (exams included).
  • Instructor — teacher.
  • Room — room number. But what is CRT? In America, the universities, most often consist of multiple buildings, each of which corresponds to the specialty, ie. E. In this case, the CRT — the abbreviated name of a particular building.
  • Syllabus — the curriculum of the class (in the table is not specified).

ENGLISH-102: College Writing and Research (3 units; U; ENG; FEE)

GER Units Section Class # Hours Days Dates Instructor Room
(ENG) (FEE) 3 LEC 051 38601 9:00 AM —
10:34 AM
MWR 06/25 — 08/18 Lipton, Shawna CRT 321
(ENG) (FEE) 3 LEC 052 38602 12:00 PM —
1:34 PM
MWR 06/25 — 08/18 Nesheim, Kathryn BOL B79
(ENG) (FEE) 3 LEC 053 38603 12:00 PM —
1:34 PM
MWR 06/25 — 08/18 Williams, Patrick BOL B68
(ENG) (FEE) 3 LEC 054 38600 2:00 PM —
3:34 PM
MWR 06/25 — 08/18 Nastal, Jessica CRT 321
(ENG) (FEE) 3 LEC 215 41145 05/29 —
Andrews, Adam ONLINE WEB
A special course fee of $ 275.00, in addition to regular tuition, will be charged for this section. Conducted completely online; computer / internet access req’d.

↓ Download a sample curriculum classes ENGLISH-102.

Here is the diagram of the schedule object, which is held by different teachers at different times. Here we must note that GER — ENG, t. E. A requirement for the subject — the presence of a class to a lower level, in this case — ENGLISH-101: Introduction to College Writing.

Also, special attention should be paid to the last class of the schedule. Column Room — ONLINE WEB class is held online, you can learn from home. In short, it looks like this:

  1. It is necessary to create a profile to the page class.
  2. Perform tasks and put them on the page, so that other students can see them and add comments to your work, and then the teacher checks it and makes the final mark.
  3. The participation of the student in the class forum.
  4. Writing of the final work, she goes to the teacher, and final evaluation receive a letter in the mail.

Online per classes for $ 275 more expensive than regular classes, it is one of the downsides of such classes.

Thus, a student registers himself into classes and is currently a suitable schedule.

After that you need to pay for school, or it can be done during the semester, but payment must necessarily be provided by the end of the semester, or will not admit to the next.

Of course, tuition fees (tuition) depends on the college or university. If it is a private institution (private university), the price will be 3-4 times higher than in the public (public university). Yet we must remember that the more a student takes classes per semester, the lower the price. Paramount importance «category of students»: a foreign student (International Student), or resident (Resident, a resident of the State).

For example, State University:

# Of Credits / Units
Points per class
Resident International Student
1 477.88 637.66
2 813.96 1,133.52
3 1,150.04 1,629.38
4 1,486.12 2,125.24
5 1,822.20 2,621.10
6 2,158.30 3,116.98
7 2,158.30 3,116.98
8 2,158.30 3,116.98
9 2,158.30 3,116.98
10 2,477.85 3,596.31
11 2,797.40 4,075.64
12 3,116.95 4,554.97

Now we shall understand. E. A normal class consists of 3 points (credits), but it happens sometimes that the classes are made up of 1, 2, 4 or 6 points. In this example, 12 points — 4 classes of 3 points, and if the student takes all 4 classes, the amount of Grade 1 will be $ 779.23 (3,116.95 / 4 = 779.23), but if a student wants to take only one class per semester, the it will cost $ 1,150.04.

By the same analogy, you can calculate the cost of classes for foreign students. If you take 4 classes per semester, that goes for $ 1,138.74 per class (4,554.97 / 4 = 1,138.74). But that tuition fees at the university (not college).

The total cost of tuition for a degree will average between $ 30-40 thousand. (State University).

Even though I would like to draw attention to the fact that during the first week (depending on the rules of the University) can throw a class (to drop the class) and get money for it, if not like an item or for any other reason.

Here is an interesting and somewhat expensive American education, but it’s worth it!



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