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Sample CV in English

In today’s labor market demand for good specialists increases. The main objective of applicants — to attract the attention of the employer is to his candidacy. Summary — this is your calling card, so to speak, the story of your career. And depending on how well it is made, it will depend very much, for example, if you are invited for an interview at all.

Basic rules of English summary

In the US and Canada, often called summary Résumé, and in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand used the word CV (Curriculum Vitae). In this regard, there are two types of resume: British and American version. They have small differences, but both options have the following items:

  1. Personal Information (Personal Information)
  2. Position, which claim (Objective / Employment)
  3. Education (Education / Qualifications)
  4. Experience (Work Experience / History)
  5. Interests (Interests)
  6. References (References)

Personal Information (Personal Information)

At this point the name, last name, address, telephone number (including area code), e-mail. In the British-style English summary states and date of birth (day, month, year).

Position, which claim (Objective / Employment)

It specifies the position claimed by the applicant.

Education (Education / Qualifications)

In the column «Education» first specified university, then additional courses, refresher courses.

Experience (Work Experience / History)

The English summary indicated no more than 3-4 jobs, starting with the present, indicating the position. In parentheses indicates the year.

Interests (Interests)

Do not include too many hobbies. A good impression will produce sports, art.

References (References)

In summary in English is necessary to specify the address where you can get advice. Sometimes you can get by the phrase «Available upon request», ie «I am ready to present on demand.» Typically, the recommendations should be at least two.

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