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Russian names in English

English, being one of the most popular in the world, firmly entrenched in our daily lives. This is the language of business correspondence, the language of the transaction are, business is conducted, are made of paper, in a word, knowledge of English is a good advantage in our society. Any document submitted abroad or required to travel to a particular country must be translated from their native language into English. Yes, in principle, you should be able to express the Latin names of Russian or any other proper names. To this end, a special system of rules for transliteration of Russian names into English. Memorizing each letter of the English analogue of the Russian language, you will be able to transfer any personal name, including any name in English.

Terms transliteration

Below is presented a list of the key for writing Russian names in English:

  • Aa — Aa

    A lexey — Alex

  • Bb Bb

    B oris — Boris

  • BB Vv

    V alentina — Valentine

  • Gg Gg

    G leb — Gleb

  • Dd Dd

    D enis — Denis

  • Ee — Ye ye / Ee

    E vdokia, Ye melya — Evdokia, Emelja

  • Ёё Yo yo

    F yo dor — Fedor

  • LJ Zh zh

    Zh anna — Jeanne

  • ZZ Zz

    Z inaida — Zinaida

  • Ia Ii

    I rina — Irina

  • DQ Yy

    Matve y — Matthew

  • Kk — Kk

    K senia — Xenia

  • LL Ll

    L arisa — Larisa

  • Mm Mm

    M argarita — Margarita

  • Nn Nn

    N ikita — Nikita

  • Oo — Oo

    O leg — Oleg

  • Pp Pp

    P laton (Plato)

  • Pp Rr

    R odion — Rodion

  • Ss Ss

    S tepanida — Stepanida

  • Tm Tt

    T rofim — Trofim

  • Ooh Uu

    U liana — Ulyana

  • Ff Ff

    F edor — Fedor

  • Xx Kh kh

    Khariton — Chariton

  • CC Ts ts

    Ts ar — King

  • CC Ch ch

    Ch ulpan — Chulpan

  • Shh Sh sh

    Sh olokhov — Sholokhov

  • Schsch Shch shch

    Sh chukin — Shchukin

  • Uh Ee

    E l’dar — Eldar

  • Yu Yu yu

    Yu lia — Julia

  • Yaya Ya ya

    Ya roslav — Yaroslav

  • s — y

    Kr y lov — Krylov

  • s — » ‘

    Mal’vina — Malvina

  • b — » »

Using this system, you can write almost any proper name. One has only to draw attention to one more important thing — writing endings (consisting of two letters). Here’s how the end is to express in Russian names in English:

  • -ay ai

    Nikolai — Nikolai

  • Star aya

    Yasnaya Polyana — Yasnaya Polyana

  • matched y (i)

    Barymsky — Barymsky

  • -s ei

    Andrei — Andrei

  • -iya ia

    Maria — Maria

  • th oy (i)

    Tolstoi — Tolstoy

  • th yi

    Lyutyi — Fierce

  • -ks x

    Alexander — Alexander

Russian letters in the alphabet is not so much — only 33, and English and even less — 26. Therefore, remember these rules of transliteration is not difficult! And you just imagine what opportunities will open — you can write any Russian names in English!



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