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Role playing at English lessons

Learning English may seem quite boring and uninteresting occupation, if this process is monotonous, involves one type of activity and does not motivate the student still with interest to learn English. The task of the teacher — thus present a learning process that the student wanted to learn English, tried to understand him and was ready to talk to him.

One of the main incentives for learning is a game. After all, in conjunction with the discussion and debate of the game, in particular, the role play at English lessons are the most informative and effective teaching methods in terms of perception. During the game the student overcomes his stiffness and anxiety. If you teach English on skype, and you got a teacher using this method, you can consider yourself lucky. Using a variety of games in English class helps them to learn in an entertaining way, develop memory, attention, ingenuity, to maintain interest in the English language as such.

By engaging in role-playing games in the English lessons, the students present themselves as someone else in a particular situation, behave properly according to the rules of the game. Social (the doctor, the seller), interpersonal (friends, classmates), psychological (neutral, positive, negative characters) roles that perform students, contribute to the fact that they learn how to communicate and discuss, understand and appreciate the feelings of others, to solve problems. The ultimate goal of any role-playing game in the English lessons It is to obtain new knowledge and development of their skills up.

To play the role play at English lessons properly, it is necessary to form the student the necessary social skills of communication and familiarize them with the dialogic speech in English. This exercise helps to practice expressions etiquette plan, develop skills on the phone, microdialog on a given topic from several replicas, creating dialogues in English on the model, reading and playing these dialogues by heart, playing a dialogue in pairs.

Examples of role-playing games at English lessons

Role playing in the English lessons are included in all textbooks and manuals for the study of the language. We all know that every lesson in this textbook is devoted to a particular topic, the material to be learned and secure. Usually, we resort to role-playing games at the end of the study of this topic, so to speak, to hone the acquired knowledge. In this case, the vocabulary of the English language and grammar structures already learned speech patterns worked, phonetic spelling and listening tasks completed.

Let’s see what role-playing games, we offer training courses «Headway» (elementary and pre-intermediate) and «New Millenium English» for the 11th grade of high school. Let’s start with «Headway». In the quest titled «Roleplay» we find the following:

  1. Work in pairs. Student A is a journalist, tudent B is Ivan or Jaya. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living in New York. Then prepare an interview. Use the words and questions in the Comprehension Check to help you.
  2. Work in groups of two or three. Think of some roleplays in an airport or on a plane. Choose a place and some characters. You can be travelleers from different copuntries, pilots, customs officers …!
  3. Work in pairs. Practise some conversations in a hotel, using the ideas above. One of you in the guest, the other is the waiter or the receptionist.
  4. Your teacher will give you a list of TV programmes for tonight on channels 1 to 4. Imagine that you and your oartner live in the same flat and you have only one TV. Decide together which programmes you are going to watch tonight.
  5. Some of you are members of a group of musicians (classical, pop, jazz). Some of you are journalists who are going to interview the musicians. Musicians: talk together to decide the following — the kind of music you play, the name of your band, who plays what, what has influenced your music, how long have you been together, the records you have made, the countries you have toured . Journalists: work together to think of some questions to ask the musicians. When you are ready, conduct the interview.

But what role play at English lessons involved in the process of learning the creators of the second book:

  1. Read the job advertisement. Decide who will be the applicant and who will be the interviewing board. Read your role card and get ready for the interview. The students who have gone throught the interview become observants. Exchange your opinions about questions / answers. Avois being judgemental. Be positive and friendly.
  2. You are invited to take part in a TV show called «Do you believe in …?» The show will start in 10 minutes. Take a role card and get ready to play your role. Take part in the show; try to be as active as possible. Vote on the question in the programme — Do you believe in supernatural phenomena?
  3. You are going to take part in the International Student Science Conference. In turn, you will be a speaker, a participant, an interpreter, and some of you may wish to be the Chair.

This is only part of role-playing games presented in these allowances. As you can see, the possibilities for imagination and creativity are endless. Create a role play at English lessons can be on any topic and for working any material. And the benefits are very significant, as mentioned earlier. Let’s not forget about this wonderful method of learning English!



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