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Riddles in English

Riddles (riddles) accompany the rest of our lives. The concept of «mystery» is a metaphoric expression in which one object is represented by a different, having with him any, even remotely similar. As a child, we consider the puzzle as a means of entertainment, it’s interesting, for example, compete in who will know the answer. In later life mysteries regarded as a way to exercise logical thinking. With mysteries we learn to think and learn about the world around us. If you are learning English, why not take the time to riddles in English? They will teach you not only think outside the box, but also greatly add to your vocabulary.

What are puzzles in English?

First of all, I would like to note that the puzzles in English as specific as English humor. Do not be surprised that some of the puzzles in English may seem confusing, and sometimes silly. After all, they were created on the basis of the English language and its features, so a good vocabulary is encouraged. Moreover, in order to guess some of them need to think in a completely illogical and sometimes absurd. So be ready for anything!

There are many books and manuals, including puzzles in English. They can be used in the learning process, if you are a teacher; for self-development; as training thinking, etc. So do not be surprised if teaching English through Skype or engaged in a group, you will hear from a tutor puzzle in this language. Riddles in English and present on the Internet. In this context, a very useful resource — a website dedicated to learning English. On this website you can find 833 puzzles in English, grouped by categories. Consider the different types of puzzles in English with this resource.

  1. Category «Animals riddles»:

    What animal uses a nutcracker? — What animal uses a tool for cracking nuts?

    The answer looks fun — toothless protein (a toothless squirrel). But guess who they are in this case is not very easy. Long live the independent way of thinking!

  2. Category «Classic riddles»:

    What makes a man bald-headed? — What makes a man bald?

    This puzzle in English is actually incredibly simple. A: The lack of hair (lack of hair).

  3. Category «Kids riddles»:

    Can giraffes have babies? — A giraffe can be children?

    Despite the fact that this mystery in English referred to a category of «children» I doubt that children are able to guess it. The answer is no, giraffes can be only small zhirafchiki (no, they only have giraffes).

  4. Category «Letter riddles»:

    Why is the letter «D» like a sailor? — Why is letter «D» is like a sailor?

    It seems to be completely meaningless, the mystery in English. You will need knowledge of the English alphabet. The answer to this puzzle is based on the sound according to the letter «C» and the word sea. Here it is: because the letter «D» following the «C».

  5. Category «Medical riddles»:

    What is a difference between a hill and a pill? — The hill is different from the pill?

    In order to guess this riddle in English, turn to phrasal verbs. The answer: a hill is hard to get up, a pill is hard to get down. That is the difference between a hill and a pill in the verbs that are used with them. To get up — to climb, to get down — swallowing (a tablet). That is hard to climb up the hill, but hard pill to swallow.

  6. Category «Number riddles»:

    When do elephants have eight feet? — When the elephants have eight legs?

    Answer: When two elephants (when there are two of them).

  7. Category «Paradox riddles»:

    How long did the Hundred Years War last? — How long did the Hundred Years War?

    As we can see from the name of the category, these puzzles in English based on the paradox (statement, which seems illogical). Historically, this war lasted 116 years, from 1337 to 1453, but is still known as the «Hundred Years War».

  8. Category «Ridiculous riddles»:

    What driver does not have a license? — Which driver do not have a driver’s license?

    This category ridiculous puzzles in English. Therefore, the answer is the same: no rights at the screwdriver. In what sense? And in English screwdriver screwdriver.

  9. Category «Word riddles»:

    What kind of clothes do lawyers wear? — What kind of clothes are lawyers?

    In the English language there is a word lawsuit, it will be the answer to this puzzle in English (sort of like a combination of the words law — and the law suit — a suit). Here are just a translation of the word lawsuit — a lawsuit, a court case.

  10. Category «Work riddles»:

    What is the difference between a jeweler and a jailer? — What is the difference between a jeweler and a prison guard?

    The answer: a jeweler sells watches, a jailer watches cells. Here we see a play on words, or rather the letters in words. Translation is sounds like: a jeweler sells watches and cameras watching over the jailer.

As we can see, riddles in English can be quite different! But in any case, they make our minds work, and this is important!



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