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The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life.
George Bernard Shaw

Several years ago I worked as a teacher in a group of 12 people. In the first lesson, I asked why my students came to study English. Someone decided to learn English to get a better job, someone taught for yourself, someone likes to travel. All the answers were expected and predictable. But suddenly, one woman said: «I’m tired of paint!» — And put all her response to a standstill. The whole group has asked for clarification.

«You know, — he explained the woman — I often travel with a dog. And in some hotels are not allowed to take animals. So when I’m going to be occupied at the hotel, always draw myself a dog and a question mark, because the English do not know at all. Finally, I got tired of drawing, and I decided to learn English! »

If you are too tired to paint, or the realization that it is necessary to find a hotel, settle, settle all the problems, take full advantage of the services leads you to the indescribable horror, read my tips on staying at the hotel.

Select hotel. How to choose a hotel

To begin with let us recall what would be your rental housing. Of course, this hotel (with the accent on the second syllable). B & B (bed and breakfast) is also a hotel, just a small, family-run where the food delicious breakfast. There is also a hostel, is gaining popularity as the price of beds in the hostel range from 5 to 35 euros, and live happier. 🙂 For nature lovers and inexpensive vacation suitable campsite, t. E. Camping.

Booking a room. How to book a room

You have decided on the place and prices. The next task — to stay (to book a room). To do this, we need to take advantage of any special sites, for example, or call and book a room by phone. We consider both options.

Please read the room description. Pay attention to the accommodation type (type of number): single room, double room, twin room. Single room — a room with one bed. Double room — as a room with one bed, but a double, suitable for couples. Twin room — a room with two beds . Please do not call the room number, this is wrong!

Then you need to pay attention to the conditions (conditions), they generally relate to methods of payment and the availability of breakfast. Be careful: in some cases, if you cancel the reservation 3 days prior to arrival, the cancellation will be paid (if cancelled later than 3 days before the date of arrival, the total price of the reservation will be charged).

Further facilities — what is available in the hotel. There is likely to be wi-fi, tour desk (travel information), luggage storage (luggage storage), laundry (laundry room), wake-up service (special service: you will wake up at the right time).

Next, pay attention to what is in the room, room facilities: ideally, there is a bathroom (bath), fridge (refrigerator), TV, towels (towels), hair dryer (hair dryer), air-conditioning (air conditioning), free toiletries (toilet).

If you decide to book your room by phone, you can use the easiest option dialog. Remember that Russian we book for a few days, and in English — on several nights (!) (Nights).

Phrase Translation
— Hello! Can I book a room? — Hello, can I make a reservation?
— Sure. When are you going to come? — Of course, when you arrive?
— On October the 23rd. — 23 October.
— Good. We have rooms available. How long are you going to stay? — Good. We have vacancies. How long will you be in our hotel?
— 3 nights. — Three days.
— What kind of room would you like? — What number do you want?
— A twin room. How much will it be? — Room with two beds. How much will it cost?
— 50 euro per night. — 50 euros per day.
— Is breakfast included? — Is breakfast included?
— Yes, it is. Breakfast is served from 7 till 10 am Can I have your name, please? — Yes. Breakfast is from 7 am to 10 am. You could call your name?
— Yes, sure … — Yes of course…

Living Room. Sheck-in

The settlement involves live communication with the administrator (receptionist), so no dialogue can not do.

Phrase Translation
— Hello! I have a reservation … — Hello, I booked you a room …
— Hello! Can you tell me your name, please? — Hi, tell me your name, please?
— Sure, my name’s … — Of course, my name is …
— Yes, I can see your reservation for three nights. How would you like to pay? — Yes, I see your reservation for three days. How do you want to pay?
— By credit card (visa) / in cash. — Credit card / cash.
— It’s 150 euro. Here is your receipt. — It will be 150 euros. Here is your receipt.
— Thanks. What’s my room number? — Thank you. In what I have room?
— Your room number is 345. Here is your key. You can use a lift, it’s on the left. — Your number 345. Here’s your key. You can use the lift, it is on the left.

This is the main dialog. You can ask additional questions, such as:

Phrase Translation
Can I get a wake-up call? Could you wake me up?
When is check out time? Up to what time you need to move out?
Do you allow smoking in the rooms? Can I smoke in the rooms?
Do you have a fitness center / pool / spa? Do you have a fitness center / pool / spa?
Do you have wi-fi? What’s wi-fi code? Do you have a Wi-Fi network? What is the password to the wi-fi?
Do you have a business center? What are the hours? Do you have a business center? How does it work?
How do I get to the hotel? How do I get to the hotel?
Do you offer free shuttle service form the airport? Do you provide a free shuttle service to the airport?
Do you have parking? Do you provide parking
Do you know where I can borrow or buy a phone charger? Do not tell me, where you can rent or buy a charger for my phone?
How safe is walking around the surrounding area alone at night? Is it safe to walk alone through the surrounding area?
Is it possible to leave my luggage before check-in? Is it possible to leave your luggage before check?
What extra charges can I expect? What is paid extra?
Where can I exchange money? Where can I exchange money?

If you are going to live in the hotel with kids should ask the following questions:

Phrase Translation
Are baby chairs available in your restaurant? Can I take the children’s chairs in your restaurant?
Do you have a children’s playground? Do you have a playground?
Do you provide cots? Do you provide baby cots?
Is baby-sitting service available? Do you provide a babysitting service?
Do you offer children’s meals? Do you offer children’s menus?

Evicted. Check-out

After a wonderful hotel in a fabulous spent the time it’s time to leave. If all was well, the procedure of eviction did not take long. However, if you use additional services, such as mini-bar, you will need to pay for them separately.

Phrase Translation
— Hello! I want to check out. Here is my room key. — Hello. I want to move out. That’s the key to my room.
— Did you enjoy your stay at our hotel? — Did you enjoy in our hotel?
— Yes, I did. Everything was ok. — Yes. All was good.

This is the most simple options that you can use when you stay at the hotel. Remember, if you do not hear it, you can always use the universal phrase:

Phrase Translation
Could you repeat that, please? Could you repeat that, please?
Could you speak more slowly, please? Could you speak more slowly?
Could you write it down, please? Could you write that down?
Could you spell it, please? Could you say it spell?

I hope this material will help to cope with the population and stay in hotels and hostels, and you do not have to «draw». 🙂

I would like to add a bit of humor. This anecdote is found in the community of people working in the tourism sector, and could not resist the temptation to add to the article.

GUEST: We want to have Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Can you make us a reservation?
CONCIERGE: They do not actually serve breakfast.
(Guest rolls eyes)
GUEST: Well, brunch then.

And would you like to have breakfast at «Tiffany’s»? 🙂



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