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Repetition — whether and why?

Teaching courses I have noticed a trend: Present Simple know everything and Present Perfect is hard to understand. Why, because Perfect is even less features? The answer is simple Present Simple we were taught in school, every new textbook begins with him and Present Perfect studied towards the end, and before him, many simply do not reach, or pass once and forget. So the matter — in the frequent repetition of the material?

To clearly remember lexical and grammatical material is recommended to return to it on such a scheme:

The new material again

  • 15 minutes after the familiarization
  • one hour after the last repetition,
  • three hours after the last repetition,
  • the next day
  • two days after the last repetition
  • four days after the last repetition
  • a week after the last repetition
  • Two weeks after the last repetition
  • a month after the last repetition

The number of repetitions may vary depending on the complexity of the material. If you learn the words, close the column translation and said it, looking at the original, if you try to remember a new grammar, write sentences with memory structures.

No repetition of the material can not be avoided. As if we have not learned a good word or structure, without repeating it slowly starts to go into a passive margin and can all be forgotten.



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