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Reading in English

Reading in English as one of the aspects of the study plays an important role and deserves special attention. In the reading process, we not only replenish your vocabulary, to apply their knowledge of grammar, but also to get acquainted with the culture of the target language.

The benefits of reading in English

The benefits of reading, we have heard since childhood. Someone does not like to read, find the process tedious and useless, while others, on the contrary, can not imagine life without books. Lovers reading distinguishes beautiful, literate speech. In the process of reading training visual memory, while reading aloud — and even auditory, that can not be ignored when studying English. Reading in English also promotes the development of language guess that will be indispensable in the real world of communication, in the absence of the ability to use a dictionary.

The main function of reading in English — it’s all the same vocabulary of the student. Unfamiliar words are presented in a context that greatly improves memorizing their meanings and memorizing passages of text, even as the basis of a method of learning English.

An important role in the process of reading in English is given the use of a dictionary. Small dictionary is unlikely to be effective aid, since it is not always possible to find the value. An alternative solution to this problem would be to use electronic dictionaries. Do not neglect your own drawing and the dictionary unfamiliar words.

What to read in English

Nowadays publications whole ocean, and they are readily available to everyone. To read in English was a pleasure, the text must be properly selected based on the interests of students, and, of course, English proficiency.

In the early stages of reading in English will approach adapted texts, with the percentage of unfamiliar words no more than 10-15% (of which you can read in the article «Adapted books in English»). This requirement will support interest in the process of reading and make it more effective. In more advanced stages suitable for reading original literature with complex vocabulary and complex grammatical turnovers.

As examples of modern living language, you can use newspaper and magazine articles in English, fresh rooms where you can easily find on the Internet. And if you do not know where to look — go to our article «Newspapers and magazines in English.» Reading periodicals will not only expand your vocabulary, but will find out what lives English-speaking world, that he cares.

Reading in the English language at different stages introduces the learner to the literary language as the most complicated option of English, making it richer and correct and, moreover, it is extremely fun and rewarding process.



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