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Can i ask you? Do you like the radio and, if so, how often it is listening? Or maybe you absolutely indifferent to this mass media, and you think a waste of time listening to any broadcasts or music on the radio? Regardless of whether you like the radio or not, you can hardly dispute the fact that the radio at times very entertaining and helps out when we so needed. For example, in the way somewhere else, especially if the road is long. Or, in the absence of that notorious TV. On the radio, you can always hear the latest news and most popular songs, so young artists dream of sound on the waves of a known radio.

Personally, I see some advantages in radio. For me it is very important to be always aware of new products or events in any city. And a lot of it does not require — is now the radio is completely relaxed listening via mobile phone. But why not combine business with pleasure, and say more interesting occupation? It is about listening to radio stations not only our country, but of the whole world. Our level of development of information technology makes it possible to do this without even leaving home and not looking up from his beloved computer. And thanks to the Internet.

We are studying English, so let’s try to devote most of our time listening to the radio in English online. The benefit of the World Wide Web did not find the problem, in principle, any radio station of any country in the world. Of course, the quality of its broadcasting will depend on your network settings and features of your web, but still just think … .You are able to listen to news and music from anywhere in the world, you can pay attention to the language and pronunciation, which is said to lead radio, you can be aware of all the events taking place abroad, so to speak, first hand, as long as they have not yet reached us and our translators have not issued them.

Radio English online — is an inexhaustible and inexhaustible source of useful information for someone who does not just learn English by Skype, or the courses on their own, but also seeks to sharpen your ability to perceive aurally beautiful and clear the English language. After all, as a rule, what we teach, it is not always what we hear in the normal fluent conversation. And all because a lot of the continuous stream of words, phrases and sentences sounds different, and we think that this is just some kind of an incredible flow of words, in which nothing can be disassembled.

In fact, to understand what is being said on the radio Leading available in English, and you are surprised to mark it. Just all need practice. If you listen to English-language radio at least 30-40 minutes a day, a couple of weeks you will see that not only parse words, but also hear the full proposal, and in general, understand the meaning of what they say. Only we must not be lazy, and turn on the radio in English online as soon as you have given free time.

I, for example, due to the fact that often work at the computer, I prefer online radio in English, which is the background is almost always with me. When I get distracted, or pauses in the work, I’m happy to listen to what was going on. If you allow the free time, I just have a rest along with the radio in English online, paying all my attention on him. It may seem that such methods can not be anything to understand, perceive and remember. I assure you that this judgment is wrong.

Whatever you listen to the radio in English, on the face only a positive effective result. The better you will perceive the English language, the more confident you will feel in a conversation with someone, as you will understand what he was saying. Accordingly, the higher quality will be played back in response to your question, as listening to the radio in English online somehow increase your active and passive vocabulary, adjust the correct pronunciation of the English language, will help get rid of the accent and intonation required to teach.

There are people learning English, who prefer to watch and listen to something, armed with a pen and a notebook, writing down every strange word that is immediately subjected to the search in the dictionary. Certainly, it is a productive activity. But he is also boring and not interesting. Very soon you get tired of constantly rummaging through the books and notebooks, trying to remember a few words, but it did not keep in mind the whole meaning of what was said. Therefore, it seems to me, it is better to try to take it on the radio in the English language as a whole, to any time, without regard to the individual sections of questionable or unclear speech. In the future you will hear exactly what words or phrases were heard there.

To listen to the online-radio in English, we only need the Internet. If this is no problem, you can safely navigate through the links below, which represent the best known and most popular radio stations of different countries, and fun to listen to what they offer. Here are some of them:

  • — a list of the radio station the US, Europe and Asia.
  • — seven radio stations worldwide broadcast channel BBC (UK).
  • — National Public Radio (USA).
  • — a list of the radio in the English language for students of English as a second language.
  • — radio CNN (USA).
  • — London’s Biggest Conversation (UK).
  • — the most popular broadcast from the United States — «Voice of America».



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