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Each of us wants to sound in English is not only competent, but also exciting! To this end, we remember a lot of synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions. They help us to make our speech more vivid, colorful, avoiding monotony and uniformity. Proverbs English language have the same function. A drop of folklore in the talk yet no one prevented. In addition, the knowledge and use of proverbs and sayings of the English language you will create the image of a man holding a professional foreign language. The main thing is to use them as intended and in cases where it is justified, and not to talk among templates.

As is known, the proverb — a brief folk sayings with instructive sense, are passed from generation to generation. Sayings, in turn, are a figurative expressions, without instructive connotations and general sense. Almost all Russian proverbs and sayings have their English counterpart. However, it is not a literal translation of proverbs from Russian to English. In most cases, a literal translation of proverbs and sayings of the English language we have a some nonsense or a set of words, in the sense that you can guess what kind of a Russian proverb or saying there mind. For example:

  • A cat in gloves catches no mice. The literal translation is as follows: A cat in gloves catches no mice. Meaning, basically there, but too far for the Russian reader. Nevertheless, it is similar to our Russian proverb «Without labor not pull the fish out of the pond.»
  • Break a leg! Well, the literal translation of a very funny. Such kind of a wish: «I hope you broke a leg!». However, it is quite a popular saying «No fluff, no pen!».
  • Practice makes perfect. In this embodiment, a literal translation can guess the true sense of the sayings. In English, it looks like «the practice attain perfection», but this version is closer to us, «Repetition — the mother of learning.»

From all of the above, it is desirable to teach proverbs English heart. Then at the right moment subconscious necessarily tell you how better to use the expression.

If you prefer printed materials, you can search for stores collections of proverbs and sayings in English. If you closer in spirit to the World Wide Web, here is a list of resources that can enrich your stock of folklore:

  1. — 1135 proverbs and sayings in English.
  2. — slightly smaller — 1000 expressions.
  3. — in the list of about 866 statements.
  4. — proverbs and sayings in English alphabetical order.



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