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Program to learn English

In addition to a variety of textbooks, dictionaries and grammar aids, there are a number of computer programs for learning English. As in the case of selecting a textbook, it also is necessary to clearly define what you want the program: to teach a child English, to learn English in the «intensive» or for general familiarization with the language.

Features programs for learning English

Program to learn English basically have a common drawback, which is to limit the amount of materials. For the most part, the program devoted to memorizing words and is a language game.

  • BX Language acquisition. This program is designed for learning foreign words gathered in the dictionary. It allows you to learn spelling and pronunciation of English words in a question-answer mode and dictation mode. You can make up their own dictionaries with tasks or use ready.
  • English Grammar In Use. This program is a course of English grammar, consisting of 130 lessons, each devoted to the study of a particular grammatical topic. Each lesson consists of two parts: theoretical examples where the topic is explained lessons and practice used to test knowledge.
  • Hangman. This is a game of guessing words or expressions.
  • Trolley Dash. This program contributes to excellent memorization of consumer goods in the form of a game.
  • Professor Higgins. English without accent! This tutorial for learning the English language consists of two courses: the course of the course of phonetics and grammar. The student has the opportunity to compare your pronunciation with the original not only hearing but also visual, graphical display of the system sound on the monitor screen. Grammar course consists of 130 lessons. Every lesson reveals certain grammatical subject.
  • 1C: Educational collection. English Platinum 2000. The program is self-learning English. It contains a full-length film in English My Fair Lady, 78 interactive lessons, 174 secondary text. Section «Dictionary» contains 15680 words are illustrated by 4127. Training takes place sequentially memorizing words, memorizing words check, typing, perfect your pronunciation. Also provides educational sections «Grammar» and «Phonetics».

Complete educational multimedia program for learning English should be directed to the development of all four language skills and should cover all six levels. In this direction, the program uses English Discoveries, Dynamic English and English Express. But because of the relatively high prices, these programs are not available for each student.

It is not the whole list of existing programs to learn English. For more details about them you can find here:

  • — computer programs for learning English
  • — Freeware helpers in learning English
  • — programs for learning English

But most importantly, remember that no matter how wonderful the program was not to learn English, not worth to forget about the importance of live communication.



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