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Opinion essay

As you know, writing is one of the most complex activities, according to people learning foreign languages. But this fact can be seen from the other side, a letter — a great way to show your language level. After all, when writing different essays, our task is not only to use a rich vocabulary and correct grammar, but first and foremost the ability to logically and convincingly build his work, and only then «strung» upon him the rich vocabulary and grammar, which we definitely need to show .

Subject essay writing and the basic rules of its construction have been discussed previously on our website in the article «How to write an essay in English.» In this article, we will focus on a more formal type of essays in English. Different textbooks you may encounter different classifications of the essay, I will focus on four types, which can be found most frequently in preparation for various international exams, such as:

  • Opinion essay.
  • «For and against» essay.
  • Providing solutions to problems essay.
  • Speculating about the causes essay.

It is worth noting that each of these types of essay requires careful attention, so we will not rush out and look at each one separately. In this article, we will focus on the so-called opinion essays.

So, what is it? The name already tells us that when writing this essay, our task will be to argue and express their opinion on any contentious issue. It should be remembered that all the essays, which will be discussed, are characterized by a more formal style of choice in their writing, with the main differences in the styles you can find in the article «Formal English».

Any of your essay, regardless of the topic and the purpose of his writing consists of three parts, in the case of opinion essay, each of the parts we need to include the following information:

  1. Introductory paragraph — here you will clearly spell out the theme, as well as his opinion on the topic. It should be remembered that the text that you will include this piece will be different depending on what type of essay you write. Thus, if in a given essay topics you understand what you are asked to express their opinion on a particular issue, can and should be made clear that opinion here. Think about that while reading your entry, checks should clearly understand what will be discussed later in your essay, namely the introduction sets the tone for your entire operation.
  2. Main body — this part should consist of at least two paragraphs, each of which will contain a clear statement of the idea and reasoned that will support your opinion on a particular issue. Do not try to squeeze in one paragraph a lot of different ideas, even if you think it will only help to convince the reader. Remember that each of them should express a clear statement and a complete thought. In order to support and illustrate their ideas, you can use real-life examples, interesting facts, data, statistics, and so on. D. Another important point when writing this part of your essays are so-called topic sentences. This proposal, from which you tend to start each new section is the main part of his essay and, accordingly, a new idea / argument of the work. In other words, it is a summary of your entire paragraph, expressed in one sentence. We can say that topic sentences are a kind of introduction to each new paragraph. For this reason, as is the case with the introduction to the whole essay, reading a topic sentence, the verifier must already understand what will be discussed further, and all subsequent proposals must be some kind of support the ideas expressed by your first sentence.
  3. Conclusion — the final part, which reiterates your opinion on the issue. Writing this part of the essay is both simple and challenging at the same time. Simplicity is that you do not need to invent new arguments to support them, once again trying to explain something or show you just one more time talking about his opinion on the issue in question, t. E. Repeat something, what has been said in the introduction. The difficulty lies in the fact that once again express the same idea in other words, without repeating the proposals that you have already used in the introduction.

Here are a few tips that you can feel free to use when writing the introduction and conclusion of his essay in order to make them more interesting:

Introduction Conclusion
Refer directly to the reader or to ask a rhetorical question.

Start with a quote that is best suited to the subject of your essay.

Refer to any interesting or unusual situation, a scene, an interesting fact.

Clearly express your opinion on the topic.

Give the reader some food for thought, not clearly expressing their opinions.

You can finish with a quote or a rhetorical question.

Getting to writing opinion essay, please note the following points:

  • B first determine its position on the topic, that is, whether or not you agree with the theme of the essay. Make a list of the ideas and arguments to these ideas.
  • Do not forget that a paragraph can not consist only of a single sentence.
  • Start each new section is the main part of a topic sentence, which we discussed above.
  • Use word-ligament induction of expression of each of the parts of his essay.

Expressions that can help you express your ideas:

For the expression: In my opinion, I believe, I think, In my view, The way I see it, It seems to me (that), I strongly believe (that), I am strongly convinced (that) etc.

To list items: First of all, In the first place, To start with, To begin with, Firstly.

To add to the idea: Not to mention the fact that, What is more, Apart from this, Besides, Moreover, In addition to this / that, Furthermore, Another major reason, Also.

To enter the opposite idea: Contrary to what most people believe, As opposed to the above ideas, There are people who oppose, Opponents of this view say, It is argues that, People argue that.

To enter examples: For instance, For example, Such as, Especially, In particular.

To draw a conclusion: All in all, To sum ​​up, All things considered, Taking everything into account.



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