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On the energy in English

At this time, there is an increased interest in renewable energy sources (renewable sources of energy), with which you can get cheap and clean energy (clean and cheap energy), using environmentally friendly (ecologically-friendly) processes and equipment (processes and equipment). I propose to consider the words and expressions in the English language that are used to describe the energy source (sources of enegy), energy sources (types of energy), which is done, and the equipment (equipment to produce energy), which it uses.

What energy sources are non-renewable?

Non-renewable energy sources
(non-renewable sources of energy)
Types of energy
(types of energy)
Equipment for the production of energy
(equipment to produce energy)

If the trees are replanted continuously, wood may be a sustainable energy source.

If the trees are planted permanently, the wood can be a stable source of energy.

Wood-burning power plant — wood-fired power plant.

Coal is burned to provide heat or electricity.

Coal is burned to produce heat or electricity.

Coal power station * — coal-fired power.

Oil is rather cheap to convert into energy.

Cheap enough to turn oil into energy.

Oil power station — Oil powerhouse.
Natural gas

This power station runs on natural gas, one of the non-renewable sources of energy.

This power plant fueled by natural gas, a non-renewable energy sources.

Power station that runs on natural gas — gas power.

Operation of nuclear power plants may be dangerous for people.

Operation of nuclear power plants can be dangerous for people.

Nuclear power plant — nuclear power.

* I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the power plants running on coal, oil, natural gas, referred to as power plants using mineral (fossil-fuel power plants).

Over the past two hundred years, most of the energy is derived from non-renewable sources of energy (non-renewable sources), such as coal and oil (coal and oil). Mineral resources (fossil-fuels deposits) are gradually reduced, while the demand for energy is constantly increasing. Therefore, scientists are considering the alternative and renewable (alternative and renewable) energy sources as the energy of the future. These include the following:

Renewable energy
(renewable sources of energy)
Types of energy
(types of energy)
Equipment for the production of energy
(equipment to produce energy)

We get the solar energy from the Sun.

From the sun we get solar energy.

Solar panel — solar panel.

Hydroelectric power is generated by pumping water.

Hydroelectric power is generated by pumping water.
Hydroelectric plant — hydroelectric power.

The tidal power is recieved because of the energy of waves.

Tidal power is obtained by wave energy.

Tidal barrage — tidal dam.

Tidal mill — tidal installation.


Wind power is relatively cheap in long term.

Wind energy is relatively cheap in the long run.
Wind farm — wind power.

Wind mill — wind power plant.


Biomass energy is produced from animal and vegetable derived material.

Biomass is produced from material of animal and vegetable origin.

Biomass power station — power station running on fuel from biomass.

I propose to view the following presentation of the sources of energy:

The presentation uses the following words and expressions that may be unknown:

  • Hydrocarbon deposit — hydrocarbon fields.
  • Thermal power plant — thermal power plant.
  • Radioactive substance — radioactive substances.
  • Potential energy — potential energy.
  • Kinetic energy — kinetic energy.
  • Domestic use — domestic consumption.
  • Intermittently — intermittently.
  • Methane gas — methane.
  • Transportation fuel — transport fuels.
  • Voltage — the voltage.
  • Ocean thermal energy — heat energy of the ocean.
  • Geothermal energy — geothermal energy.
  • Nuclear fission reaction — the reaction of nuclear fission.
  • Nuclear fusion reaction — fusion reaction.

For more information about the kinds of energy and its use can be found here:




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