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On-line tests in English

On-line tests in English — is a great way at once, not shelving them, to know their level of English, to understand how successful you are in the process of learning, and identify your weaknesses.

What are the online tests in English

It is always useful to carry out self-control in the process of learning English. It is extremely useful, as you will not experience discomfort from the fact that someone knows about your mistakes, will be able to see yourself that you are not very well learned, and once again return to the problem topic and eliminate unclear point yourself or ask for help from expert.

In addition, tests help the teacher to build the most effective exercise. Passage of the online test in English largely saves time teacher in preparation for the control of knowledge, it requires only access to the Internet, that under current conditions is not so difficult. In addition, on sites offering online tests in English, you’ll find many useful exercises aimed refinement of certain grammatical and lexical skills.

A wide variety of online tests in English Internet offer control of knowledge not only of grammatical skills and vocabulary control. Some tests restrict you in time, and some are not, just pointing out how much time you spent on the test. On many sites you will be offered tests that you can take some time because the issues are new each time.

On our site there is a section called «tests» in which you can find tests on the level of knowledge, as well as grammatical and lexical tests, tests.

To pass the test, you can, by visiting the following sites:

  • — Online tests of English proficiency
  • — tests in English online
  • — tests in English
  • — tests in English

Passage of the online test in English will help you not only to determine the level of language proficiency, but also the direction in which you need to move to the success of language learning, especially if you learn English by Skype or independently.



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