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Office supplies: that surrounds us in the office

Many of us have a passion for buying notebooks, pens, markers and can spend hours choosing new accessories for the job. Shops with our favorite stationery called stationery or office supplies shops. Look closely at the picture. How many objects you can call in English, not peeping in the dictionary? Half? More? Well, not bad. But these are the words of our daily environment, so I propose to review them.

Office supplies
1 Paper clip Paperclip
2 Plastic clip Plastic clip
3 Paper fastener Paper clip
4 Bulldog clip Large clamp
5 Binder clip Shaped paper clips
6 Clamp Clip / Paper Holders
7 Rubber band Elastic band for fastening papers
8 Staple The bracket for the stapler
9 Thumbtack Thumbtack
10 Pushpin Drawing pin
11 Index card Card for records
12 Memo pad / note pad Notebook
13 Post-it note Self-adhesive paper for notes
14 Message pad Notebook with records of phone calls
15 Legal pad Notepad lined paper medium size
16 File folder / manila folder Folder registrar
17 Envelope Cover
18 Catalogue envelope Envelope opening on the short side
19 Clasp envelope Envelope with Clasp
20 Mailer Envelope for sending content to 2 kg mailed
21 Mailing label Address label
22 Typewriter ribbon Typewriter ribbon
23 Glue stick Glue stick
24 Glue Clay
25 Rubber cement Rubber glue for household purposes
26 Masking tape Corrector Tape
27 Scotch tape Duct tape, scotch tape
28 Sealing tape Duct tape for sealing packages
29 Stationery Forms for documents indicating the corporate trademark
thirty Printing Paper Paper for printer
31 Carbon paper The copying paper
32 Computer paper Creased paper
33 Correction fluid Proofreader

My attention was caught by the name of a large paper clips Bulldog clip. Nothing to do with the breed of dog that word does not have. The subject has received its name in honor of a registered trademark, which started producing such clips in 1944 in the UK.

Also drew attention to the video, which collected a lot of useful words on the subject. Do not just look and write down the words themselves, who were strangers. So more likely you are to remember them.

The more we use in the office? During meetings and conferences using different equipment and machinery. Let’s examine these concepts:

Things in the office
Word Translation Picture
Computer PC
Laptop A laptop
Telephone Phone
Fax machine Fax machines
Calculator Calculator
Printer Printer
Projector Projector
Remote control Remote control
Screen Shield
Loudspeakers Columns
Microphone Microphone
Laser pointer Laser pointer
Flip chart Lecture notes
Clipboard The tablet with paper clips
White board Whiteboard
Marker Marker
Highlighter Marker text highlighter

And in the end, as always, I suggest you test that will show how well you remember the words of the article.



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